Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday 8-01-08

Friday morning routine: Alarm clock, shower, breakfast, walk the dogs, and then off to rehab.
This morning's rehab has the time on the machines increased to 9 minuets. Shuffling the sequence of machines does not reduce the fatigue. The time to recover is still good. This means that I am slowly recovering.
Back home at the RV, Sylvia had a wash in progress. c We both needed a haircut so we went to 'Great Cuts". After the haircuts we visited Aunt Doris, repaired the table, and visited.
We had a dinner date in Norfolk at the "Spirit of Norfolk". This is a boat that tours the harbor. We boarded the boat, had our pictures taken, and were escorted to our table. We were in for a wonderful evening. There is a live stage show, with singing and skits. At one of one of the dances the DJ had a contest of the longest married couple there. Sylvia and I had been married 45 years! Yaaaa. We won! This was a wonderful time and we will have to do this again.
The boat docked at 10:30. The dogs were very glad to see us as we arrived home at 11.

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