Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aug. 4

August 4, 1963 was a very important date. Sylvia and I were Married. The time has passed very quickly, seems like only last week.
Today is rehab again. The times are increased to 9 and the efforts are also increased. There are only 6 sessions remaining. Then we will be free to continue our travels, after the Doctor's check-up on the 29th.
Sylvia visited with Aunt Doris while I went to rehab. I picked up Sylvia and returned to the RV.
Today we removed a broken day-night shade to replace the cord. The cord is not stocked in Lowes or Walmart. Tomorrow we will go to Michael's in Chesapeake. They may have the proper cord.
Aunt Doris called and invited us to Dinner, of course we accepted. We had pork chops, corn, peas, cabbage, potato's, and apples. Emily and Jimmy stopped by and we had a very nice visit. Emily and Jimmy are from Portsmouth, Va where Sylvia, and Aunt Doris were born and raised. It was great to remember old times.
Today's picture is Aunt Dorise's home.
Tuesday morning now and time to go to "Michael's".
See-Ya later.

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Dee and Jim said...

Sure good you're both doing so well. every week is closer to departing for the great USA.