Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday at Kyle's

Sunday we loaded the dogs and visited Kyle and Kari in Chicopee, MA. Alex had the training wheels removed from the bike.  All afternoon and no accidents.  Great job Alex.
Sara, Kari's sister, is attending the dogs in the yard.
Rachel has started with the colorful food.

She sure enjoyed the outside.

This morning, after our walk, Snowflake was having problems breathing.
We took her to the Vet.  The decision was made to end her life and avoid pain.

This is Snowflakes normal position while outside.
She will be missed!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liticia's photo showing

Thursday, May 2, We drove to Cambridge, Ma. to attend "The Institute of Boston at University Hall Gallery" . "A Familiar Origin" featuring work by Liticia Avery. Also showing: Bridget Davies; Katie Johnson; and Sarah Willis. The work of this group is fascinating.
From the left;  Joshua, Sylvia, Lyssa, Glenn, Liticia, and Jon.
The showing was about things in the lives of students that had lots of memories.
We met many of the professors and friends of the students. The gallery was packed during the showing.
Congratulations Liticia!