Friday, August 8, 2008


Up at 7,the usual routine, then time for rehab. This morning the routine is still 9 minuets and the force has been increased. The treadmill was set to 3 mph. The "nuway" machine was run at 105 strokes per minuet. The arm cycle was run at 85 rpm. The stair cycle was also run at 85 rpm. The machine that makes me tired is still the treadmill.

At home, after lunch, I retrieved the Sea Eagle from storage. Lyssa and I carried it to the pond. We pumped up the boat and seats and put the boat in the water. Lyssa got in the seat, I pushed the boat out a ways, got in the boat and turned it bottom side up. Lyssa got up out of the water and said " Grandpa, thats not funny!" but it really was. We dumped the water out, got back in the boat and had a good paddle around the pond. There are no pictures of this. Too bad, it was funny! We carried the boat to the RV, had dinner then returned to the pond with the boat. This time Lyssa did not want to go, so Sylvia went with me. No spills this time. We finally removed the boat from the water at 7:30pm. After drying the boat and putting it back in the bag and storage it is now time to relax.

Things sure changed with Lyssa here. Not her fault.
Hope that you had a fun day also. As my ham friends would say "73"
If you are not a ham it means "Best Regards"

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