Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday morning and we slept in. Lyssa did not disturb us as she also slept in. The usual routine of breakfast, showers, and walk the dogs nearly took us to lunch time. We called Aunt Doris to see if she would be in, she was so we drove over and had a great visit. Lyssa had been here 10 years ago and had a long chat with many memories. We returned to the RV had dinner and watched the Olympics.

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday, late sleepers all.Windy called and invited Lyssa to go shopping with her daughter Amber. They picked up Lyssa about 2. They returned at 5:30. Lyssa had a great time. We chatted with our RV neighbors and later watched the Olympics.

Monday i was up at 7 as I have rehab. the usual routine of Showers, Breakfast, and walk the dogs. I was at rehab when i realized that I had not had my medication. The blood pressures were all high. The nurse asker me if I had my pills. They allowed me to continue as the pressures were not extreme.

Home at the RV I took my medicine and researched where to go today. The decision was made to tour the Hamden Roads Harbor aboard the Victory Rover. The boat tour is 2 hours long and covers most of the harbor. The drive to the boat is about 25 miles. We returned home, had dinner, and now are relaxing.

Todays pictures are of the tour of the harbor.

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