Saturday, June 29, 2013


This morning our neighbor, Ralph Parker,  finished the sketches he was making of our Motor home  at "The Babbling Brook Campground."

The sketches look great.  The one of the back of the motor home and shelter were drawn from his campsite Tuesday before all that rain.
Very interesting people that we meet  here in Campgrounds.  The first time we have met an active Artist while camping.
Thank You, Ralph Parker,  This is Amazing!

Friday, June 28, 2013

New Neighbors

We have new neighbors in the campground.  They are Ralph and Nell Parker from Rockport, Texas.  Ralph is an artist in sketches and brushes. His website
Check out the site.
Last evening they stopped by with a pie desert.  This morning Sylvia made breakfast here in the motor home. Just a comment, we are on 30 amp service, the outside temperatures are in the 50's, and it is raining.
While making breakfast, the power went off.  Glenn walked out to reset the power! No problem, Glenn started the generator, problem solved. We had a great breakfast of biscuits & gravy.
After breakfast we all drove to the old stone house in the hamlet of "Ft Covington Center", about 2 miles from the campground. The house is without a roof and the walls are crumbling down.
 Back home!  Still raining.
That's all for now from here!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Babbling Brook,Fort Covington, New York

June 12 we arrived at Babbling Brook Campground. The river, was Roaring.

The rains have added lots of water. The river is not over its banks but is full.
The river one week later is back to normal.
Our campsite is at the river bank, and the fire pit is behind the Motor home.
 A great place to hangout and listen to the brook. The Bluegrass Festival started Friday.
 I should have trimmed the pictures.  This is Dave Nickels and Spare Change. A Malone, NY band.
 Lake Effect Bluegrass form Syracuse, NY
 Bluegrass Revisited from Vermont.
 The Spinney Bros from Nova Socia
 The Atkins Family Band supplied and operated the sound system.
 The foggy river band from Ellenburg, NY
 At every festival a little rain must fall.

 Saturday morning, fog and rain
 Sunday morning Church services.
The festival was a great weekend show.  We will be here next year, Lord willing!