Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday 8-19

Up this morning at 7am! I made myself turkey bacon and eggbeaters with toast. I managed to make too much noise and woke up Sylvia. I will learn to be quite some time. We sat outside in the cool and peaceful shade. We got out the bucket, soap, and a rag and washed the camper. Sylvia went inside, started a wash,and began a cleanup. We stopped for a leftover lunch.

I removed a day-night shade to replace the string. After completing that I removed the screen to the fantastic fan for cleaning. Just routine cleaning that had been neglected, now we are set for a while.

We called Aunt Doris to go spend some time with her today as this is two months after the passing of Sylvia's Mother, and her sister. Virginia was there and we had a nice chat. Virginia left with hugs around. Later Aunt Doris made a meal for everyone.

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