Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday 9-29-08

We are up at 5:15 this morning. The usual routine then I walked to the paint shop to see the foreman. He was shuffling papers and handing out jobs to the workers. He asked me what my shop invcoice number was. When I said 016 he said bring it in here, pointing to bay 19. The normal routine was for them to call me the night before and tell me the bay to be in at 7 am. The damaged rear cap is repaired, and the paint looks good.
Tomorrow we are to be in bay 3 to have the entry door adjusted. The "King Dome" was acting up Saturday and Sunday. The Directv guy came today and of course everything worked just fine. Will have them look at "king dome" tomorrow while in the bay.
This will complete our repairs and we will be "On The Road Again". Our exact time and destination are unknown today. We may go to Decatur for a couple of days to visit with Lana and Amanada.
The pictures are of Glenn Jr's home in Madison, Al

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday 9-28-08

It's been a couple of days from my last post. Friday I checked with the paint shop foreman and asked about our paint repair. He looked at the list and said that we were next up to enter the shop but that would not be today. Sylvia did the wash, and we both cleaned the coach. About 4 pm we called Glenn Jr to check up on his health as he had his mouth operated on today. He said that he was fine and the operation was less painful than he had been led to believe. That was a blessing.
We have been having trouble with the Wi-Fi card in Sylvia's computer. Asked Glenn Jr if he would be home and have time to look at the problem. He said that he would and asked us to visit on Saturday.
Saturday we left the campground and drove the 90 miles to Madison, Al. When we arrived Glenn Jr was unloading an engine from the bed of the truck. I helped him unload the engine, attach the oil pan, and place it on a wood engine stand. The second engine was also removed from the truck and placed on a stand. With this job accomplished we returned the hoist and cleaned up. Now on to the computer problem. The problem with the computer was the switch settings. The switches were set in manual and should have been automatic. Easy when you know what you are doing.
While we worked on the computers the Girls, Sylvia and Lana,went shopping. When they returned we visited and played with the dogs in the back yard. We decided to go out for Mexican food for dinner.we returned to the house about 6 pm and we returned to the campground in Red Bay, Al.
Sunday we got up late,8 am. Sylvia baked rolls with frosting. Yuuummm. this evening we hosted the Halls at dinner. Dortha made a blackberry cobbler. Sylvia put together a great steak dinner. This was topped off by great conversation. This fine couple are leaving here tomorrow to continue with their life after Red Bay. The time here in Red Bay has been very enjoyable with the friends we have met while here. Ellie and Jim and Mark and Dortha have been such a joy to Sylvia and I. They will be missed.
We expect to meet them in Tenn in 2 weeks, good Lord willing.
We had such an interesting visit that we did not take pictures.
Till Later.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


With no real plans for today we decided to drive to northern Alabama. First stop was Tuscumbia to the "Alabama Music Hall of Fame". The place is about 10 years and is beautiful. All the stars from Alabama, or became famous in Alabama have an entry there. We have so many pictures.

Next stop was the "Rosenbaum House" in Florence, designed by "Frank Lloyd Wright", and has been called the purest examples of Wright's Usonian design. The house was built in 1939 and occupied by the same family till 1999.The city of Florence purchased and restored the home. the interior furnishings were designed by Wright also. The house could be considered unique today.

Today's pictures are of the visits.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home again

Wednesday, we had breakfast,let the dogs into the back yard, and started a wash. The 5 dogs and 2 cats can be entertaining. The dogs chased the toys around the back yard. This morning the cat fell into the bath tub while it was being filled. Cat walked around the bathroom shaking each paw separately. Funny but we had to clean up the water.
Lana came home with Amanda. They had been in Kentucky on a family matter. She had a great trip, uneventful,just the way we like it. We visited with Lana and Amanda and gathered our stuff to return to our home on wheels. We arrived in Red Bay just after 4 pm. We drove to "Swamp John's" for dinner, came home and Sylvia and I played "cribbage" till dark. Sure is nice to be"home again".

Monday, September 22, 2008

Huntsville, Al

Saturday, Red Bay, Al. Sylvia and I went to the "Founders Day" here at Red Bay. This was held on the "Town Common". The affair advertised the commerce of the town and the crafts of various citizens. We had lunch at "Swamp John's". They had a mobile lunch truck there and had a good selection for lunch.

Lana called with a family problem that required her presence in KY. We offered to go to Huntsville and take care of the dogs while she and Amanda are away. We drove to Huntsville with only the car as the coach needs paint work before leaving Red Bay. We arrived here in Huntsville about 5:30. We expect to be here till Tuesday evening then return to Red Bay and the coach.

We have a house full of pets! Our two dogs and two birds, Lana has three dogs and two cats. After a greeting and sorting out which dog is top, the days have been interesting to say the least.
We have pictures but the cable needed is in the coach in Red Bay, so no pictures now.
Till Wednesday.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday and we are up at 7:15. No appointment today. After breakfast and walking the dogs, I walked to the paint shop to check on the estimated appointment day. The scheduler said that he thought we would see him on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. This will give us a long weekend, just like "workin".

Today we went "shopping" at the dollar store and had lunch in "Jacks" a hamburger shop. I picked up a lock to keep the step ladder on the coach ladder. Sylvia washed clothes and we just hung out the remainder of the day. The rain began about 3 pm and continued till about6 pm.

Pictures are of Sylvia doing her word puzzles. Tomorrow is founders day here in Red Bay and we plan on attending.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday- repairs

Wednesday morning we are up at 5:15 for another 7 am appointment in bay 3.This early morning stuff is not good. Today they are to install the new floor, repair/replace the radio, remove the start up noise in the front AC, and install the day night shade. All this was completed by 3:30 and we will be in bay 1 tomorrow.

Thursday, up at 5:15 and at bay 1 by 7 am. Today they install the surge suppressor and check out the "King Dome".We have not been able to get TV sence we arrived here in Red Bay. This morning at 6 am the king dome worked and we have TV. Must have scarred the thing.

Sylvia and I drove to "Swamp Johns" for breakfast. This is a "restaurant" in an old gas station about 4 miles from the campground. Not much to look at BUT the food is good, the servers are friendly, and the prices are low. While we were eating, Ellie and Jim with Mark and Dortha came in and joined us for breakfast. Sylvia and I returned to Red Bay to oversee the repair and Ellie and company toured the area.

The work remaining to be complete is the paint. We do not have an appointment for tomorrow. I will check with the scheduler about our next appointment. The good thing about this is as long as we are here for warranty work, the campground is FREE.

What will tomorrow bring?
See-Ya then.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Monday we left Point Mallard Campground and traveled west to Red Bay, Al and are in the "Allegro Campground". The campground is full and we are on the "Runway" along with 12 other rigs. I said they are full. The appointments guy stopped by and we are to be in Bay 3 at 7 am tomorrow. Ellie and Jim with Mark and Dorthy dropped by to get acquainted. Ellie has pictures on her blog Later we all got together at Jim and Ellie's for football, snacks, and just good warm chatting.

Tuesday 5:15 we are up and bushy tailed, walk the dogs, have breakfast, and are moving at 6:30 at bay 3. Greg went over the list with me and began the work. Greg and Myron worked together on the rig. These men are friendly, courteous, and good mechanics. Today the damaged floor tile was removed and the floor is prepared for tomorrow.
Tonite we are in site 38 with full hookups. Bay 3 tomorrow at 7 am will come early again.
Todays pictures are of us waiting in the site with the dogs/

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decatur, Al

Friday we pulled out of Loudon, Al headed for Huntsville. This was a real nice trip except for missing the exit into Alabama. When this seemed like a loong trip, I finaly checked the map and headed south to Huntsville.
Our Son lives in a new subdivision in Madison, Al. The streets do not sh ow up on and of the on-line maps. So after being totally lost I called him to find us. We arrived at his house and decided to stay the night parked in the driveway of an unsold new home.
Saturday morning I helped Glenn Jr re-install the transmission in a Geo Metro. this wasn't hard, just messy. After clean-up and repacking the motor home, we drove to "Point Mallard Campground". Our grand daughter decided to ride with us in the motor home and of course we have a picture. The office assigned me a site and when we arrived we discovered the site occupied. I walked back to the office and was given a new site. A camper had setup in the wrong site. Just a mix up.
I called Ellie and Jim to see if they were still in Decatur. They had returned to Red Bay. We will see them Monday in Red Bay.
Sunday after breakfast we drove to Glenn Jr's. We visited, went shopping, finished the transmission, and had a great visit.
Tomorrow is up early, pack up and move to the campground in Red Bay, Al.
Till later.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loudon, Tenn.

Wednesday, We departed Davis Lakes Campground about 9:30 am. First stop was the scales at" Felts". We are not overweight. No room to spare but not over! I hooked up the car and we had "Suffolk, Va" in the rear view mirror. This was my kind of trip, Boring. The rain started near Durham,NC. We stayed in "Statesville, NC" at Midway Campground. The campground was expensive and muddy.
Thursday morning we slept in with the rain. With a late start we also changed our route. We decided to go via Knoxville, Tenn. The rain was steady until we reached the Tenn border. The sun came out bright and hot. The scenery is beautiful in this area. We are in Loudon, Tenn at"RVexpress Campground". Paved, pull threw, with water and 30 amp. Electric.
Tomorrow we expect to be in Decatur, Al. Our son and family now live in Huntsville, Al.
We may get to meet Jim and Ellie of "Justravelin"as they are in Red Bay, Al.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday 9-9-08

Monday,was a goof off day. We drove into Walmart to fill a prescription, then I got a haircut. We ordered the headstone for Sylvia's Mom, it will be installed in about 60 to 90 days.

Our dinner plans fell apart so we went out to "Baron's". Later Wendy propped off a CD with pictures. We sat outside with Fay and Jim till 8:30.

Tuesday after breakfast etc.,Sylvia started a wash and I helped Steven and Robin hook up the car carrier and load the car. They are on the way to Florida as Steven has a job offer there. We wish them well on there adventure.

We drove to the doctor's office to pick up my records. The doctor suggested that I carry them with me as I travel. On the way home we stopped by Walmart to pick up the prescriptions.

This is our last day here at Davis Lakes Campground. Tomorrow is pack up, get fuel and go to the scales for weighing. The next stop is scheduled to be Greensboro, NC.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday 9-07--8

Sunday morning, we are up at 7:45, and do the morning routine. Showers, Breakfast, and walk the dogs. We attended church with the family.

Virginia and Dick asked us to lunch, they drove. Dick drove to Portsmouth to "Lillians Buffet". The choices were many and the Food was good. We stopped at the mall to pickup some flowers for "Mom's" grave. Dick drove by a house that he had had built about 10 years ago. The current owner was working in the yard and invited us in to see the place. The house was grand and nicely furnished.

We returned home,walked the dogs, and drove to the grave yard and planted the flowers on Moms grave. We stopped at "Sonic" and had a mini banana split.

This evening there was an engine idling for a long time. I walked over to see if there was a problem. I found a Motor home with a Dolly and a car that had driven over the stops. We, the owner, two other campers, and I, jacked and blocked the car up and was able to set the car properly upon the dolly. The dolly is new but there are no large stops to prevent driving the car to far forward. There is no damage to the car or dolly so the owner will be able to leave tomorrow. I am pleased that I was advised to tow my car 4 wheels down.

That's all the excitement for today. Have a blessed week.
Today's picture is Portsmouth skyline.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Saturday 9-06-08 was a wet morning. The high winds never came. The bands of rain were well spaced, nothing like we were told to expect. Thank God for good weather. The track of "Hanna" was to the west of us by about 60 miles. After a band of heavy rain this morning we are into light rain and light winds.

Sylvia and I stayed in this morning but we did go out for lunch to "Casadories". We stopped to see Aunt Doris but only stayed 1 hour as the storm was forecast to increase around 2 pm. We returned home and stayed inside and played "Cribbage". Now, 3:30 the rain has stopped and the winds are very light.

Today's pictures are of our site here in Davis Lakes Campground in Suffolk, Va.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wet Friday 9-05-08

Thursday morning and we are up at 8 am. With the usual routine and we remove all unnecessary "stuff" from outside. There was not a lot but it sure can move with the wind. "Hanna" is forecast to be here Saturday about 2 pm. This of course depends upon the "track".

About 2 pm we called Aunt Doris to see if she would be home and we could Visit. We drove over to the house and had a great chat. Around 4:30 as we got up to return to the RV, Aunt Doris informed us that "She" had "Supper" all prepared and we had to sit and eat with her. Well, not being one to turn down a free meal, we had a beautiful meal of roast beef, ham, potatoes, cabbage, and corn on the cob. Sylvia drove to the market to pick up pies and ice cream. What a feast! Emily and Jim stopped by about 6:30 and we visited with them till about 9:30.

Friday morning and I have a doctor appointment at 8:45 in Portsmouth, Va. Sylvia made eggs and grits for breakfast. Yumm Yumm. We set up TomTom and left the RV at 8 am. Traffic was light and we arrived on time. The doctor visit was routine. The Lisinopril was changed to a greater dose. Doctor Maniu asked where we were headed and when we would be back in the area. Our long range plans are to be in this area in the spring of 2009. He said great, call the week before we arrive and make an appointment so as not to interfere with our travels.

We drove to the "City Park" cemetery in Portsmouth, Va to visit the grave of Sylvia's Grandmother. Finding the cemetery was a challenge, the last time we were there someone else drove who lived in the area. After asking directions we did find the graveyard. We stopped at the "office" and were directed to the grave.

Upon leaving Portsmouth we decided to go to Smithfield, Va to have lunch. TomTom was able to direct us . We had lunch in the "The Depot" restaurant. This place is at the "Marina" in Smithfield.The food was great and the dessert was "Sinful".

We returned to the RV at 2 pm with the rain. The rain is light now but this is only the beginning of the effects of "Hanna". Hanna is expected to be here at 2 pm Saturday. Weatherman now say that the winds may be 39 miles per hour or less.

Till tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maybe "Hanna"

Tuesday was a routine day, other than going to Walmart, the day was a dull day. While in Walmart Sylvia's arm began to swell. I took her to the Emergency Room then went home to put the groceries away. I picked up her medical records and returned to the hospital. They had a x-ray of the area to look for damaged bones or a sprain. Doctor Munter came in the room and asked if Sylvia had hit anything with her arm while in Walmart. The damage was a bruise. The fix was to apply ice and add a splint to reduce pain.

We stopped at House of Pancakes for dinner on the way home.

Wednesday, Bandit woke me up at 6:55, I got up dressed and walked the dogs. We cleaned up the Motor home, With 2 white dogs that always needs to be done.

Steve stopped by and asked if I would help him get his generator running, the choke was not operating properly. I suggested to Steve that he run the generator at least 1/2 hours monthly.

After lunch I had a nap, then wandered next door to visit with the neighbors. Jo and Frank wandered over and informed us that they were leaving Thursday instead of Saturday because they were afraid of the Hurricane. "Hanna" is forecast to be in the tidewater area Saturday. I have a doctor appointment for
Friday morning. We may leave after the doctor visit, depending upon the forecast.

That's it from here.
See-Ya later.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Sunday was a very nice day. The temperature's were cool for here, high 80's and a brief shower. We found out that the pavilion had not been unlocked and we could not see the "security guard" who is always riding the golf cart. Jim, our neighbor, said that he knew where he lived and would go there with us to get the keys. Just a communication problem.

We got the chillers turned on and the food inside. About 25 campers and family attended the "lunch". Makinna, a 2 year old, stole the show. She and her parents are campers here in Davis Lakes Campground. Makinna went to Kandy and spent most of the afternoon talking to Kandy as a little chatterbox can do. The two were a great site. The crowd broke up around 6 pm. We cleaned up and returned the keys.

Monday morning we were up at 8 am, with the usual routine. Kandy, Virgina, Aunt Doris, and Sylvia went shopping. they returned at 3 pm. Sylvia says that they had a great time.

Wendy came over to copy pictures from our computers. These are pictures of their Mom. We had a very good visit and the pictures were transferred to her thumb drive.

Jim came over and asked if I would help him cut some plastic lattice. When I got there I found that he did not have the proper saw. I brought out my jig saw and cut the lattice for him. While there I also made a door for his Dog cage.

This evening we went out for pizza at "Sal's". We had "meat lovers" pizza. We returned to the RV, walked the dogs, visited with neighbors, and now its time for bed.

God Bless You and good night.