Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedsday's rehab 8-12

Wednesday morning, up with the alarm clock, the usual routine.
I walked into rehab to find both nurses attending to a patient. The patient said that he felt "OK". The nurses called his heart doctor, set up an EKG and called an "emergency room" nurse to transport him to the emergency room. I did not see him again today. I hope that they were able to stabilize and normalize the patient. I tell you this just to say that" because you are in rehab, does not mean that you are all healed".
The rehab for me was routine, I operated the four machines at the speeds and resistance required. The blood pressure and heart rate were normal, during exercise and the cool down.
Home at the RV, Sylvia was modifying a dress to fit Lyssa. She also was baking brownies and a chicken casserole to take to Aunt Dorise's for the gathering tonight.
We arrived at the gathering about 5:45. Aunt Doris had cooked hamburger with beans, a salad, and potatoes. this was a feast. Cecilla and Willy, Shirley and Jessy, Kandy, Matthew, Tommy, Sylvia and Glenn, and of course Lyssa.
Lyssa was introduced to the family members who had not seen her in ten years. Lyssa, in her natural personality, was a hit with everyone.
Todays pictures are from the gartering.

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