Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This morning we arose after 8 am. After all we are retired and one is on vacation. Sylvia made pancakes for breakfast, with maple syrup. While discussing where and what to do, it was decided to visit Cecilla at the "Denisons" department store. Cecilla has worked at this store since high school and is now the manager. Cecilla gave Lyssa a beautiful bracelet. Friday is Lyssa's birthday.

We visited Aunt Doris. She has been having a difficult time dealing with the passing of her sister(Sylvia's Mother). We had a good time remembering things from 45 years ago.

Back home at the RV, Lyssa was chasing and playing with Sammy, a neighbor's 3 year old boy. The two make a team.

Todays pictures are again of Lyssa.

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