Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home in Monson, MA

 Been a while and no blog!  What's up? We arrived in Sunsetview Farms Campground July 8.  Our Son Jon and the Grand daughters Liticia and Lyssa, stopped in to visit. Sylvia had a cake for everyone. The occasion is Jon's birthday. We had a visit and celebration.
After getting settled in, the planning and arrangements for the Wedding were our next priority. Kyle, our youngest child, is getting to Kari Nepus. The Wedding is July 21, 2012. With lots to do and little time, we are busy. The Wedding went off as planned.  The ceremony and setting were Great.
The pictures of the Wedding that Sylvia took are posted in another blog. Jon and his children,our Grandchildren, were in the wedding party.  A nice touch.
The next event in New England is the 5th birthday of our Grandson Alex. The birthday party is on Aug 11,  and we expect to depart on Aug 12. We are headed for Alabama then Sadalia, MO.
That brings us up to date.  Till later.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kyle & Kari's Wedding.
This link leads to Kyle & Kari's Wedding pictures.
The Wedding was July 21, 2012 in Chicopee, MA. The wedding was a pretty awesome affair.
Alexandra, Kyle & Kari's Son, was the Ring Bearer. Evalese Aponte, Kyle's Goddaughter, was the Flower Girl. Jorge Aponte was the Best-man.  Sara Nepus was Bridesmaid.
Will add more later.  Enjoy the pictures.