Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31 10

This morning the weather is cold. Temperatures at 44 degrees. I walked the dogs early as Bandit came to me while I was drinking my coffee. We did our usual walk to the dumpster and back behind the trees then return to the RV. The sun is out, but is taking a while to warm up.
Glenn worked on the "WII" for the 30 minuet workout. Balance, Yoga. and stretches.
Sylvia's back is a sometimes thing. Today she is able to sit up and enjoy being in the Living area just like a normal person. We had dinner at "O'Charleys" in Foley, AL. They have a "Two for 14.94" deal. The meals are great.
Sylvia was able to join me at the "Ice Cream Social" in the clubhouse. That was a great time with 86 campers having ice cream.They divide each gallon into ten servings.
Tomorrow is the "MRI" in Gulf Shores. We are going to that one because the machine is open versus a closed tube. Sure hope they can find the problem.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

doug & JoAnn visit.

Wednesday Doug and JoAnn arrived in "Rainbow Plantation" for a "Eyeball" visit. Glenn saw the Montana come down the park road, waited for them to get set up, them walked over with the two dogs to say "Hello" and invite them to our RV. When they had completed the set up, they come over and we had a nice visit.
Gerri, Mike, Doug, JoAnn, Sylvia, and I had a sea food dinner at "Big Daddy's Grill".
From 128-10

Pictures on the wall.
From 128-10

The meal was good and we visited a while. We returned to our RV where we had Apple pie. Sure was great to meet Doug and JoAnn, Glenn has been reading their Blog for the last 2 to 3 years. Their blog is
Doug and JoAnn continued on their journey Thursday morning. Thank you for taking the time to stop to see us. We will see you again "Down the Road".
This morning Glenn washed the clothes, cleaned the RV, then relaxed. Tonight is the meal in the "Club House", that is always a good time.
Sylvia's back seems a little better, we are waiting for the insurance to approve the MRI.
Till later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday and Doctor

This morning we are up early, 6:30. Yea, I know but it's early for us. We had to be at the Doctor's office at 9 am. The good news is that the Doctor wants Sylvia to have a MRI. This may show him the changes from the MRI of last Summer.
Sylvia seems to be in less pain, meaning she can walk upright. The temperatures today are in the 60's, Glenn discovered a wheel chair in the Club house, he asked Gary, the park manager, if Sylvia could use it. Gary said" That's why it's there". Glenn brought the wheel chair to the RV and Sylvia, Bandit, and Snowflake went on a walk with Glenn.
We returned the dogs to the RV, Glenn and Sylvia went to the Clubhouse to listed to the musicians. we stayed for the 4 o'clock meeting and returned to the RV at 4:45.
The Tuesday meal is served at 5:45. We returned to the clubhouse and had supper with about 90 other campers. We hung around and shot the "bull", returning to the RV at 8pm.
Doug & JoAnn, Blog, are coming to "Rainbow Plantation" tomorrow. Gerri & Mike,and Sylvia and I will get to meet them. Glenn has followed their blog for about 3 years.
Glenn will try to take pictures.
Till later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 01-25-10

This morning after breakfast Glenn set up the Wii fit game. This is an attempt to regain some sense to fitness. The Wii game was bought on E-bay and was a bargain. The balance board is used to participate in the fitness. Can be a workout.
Lunch time, we ate at "The Mellow Mushroom", A restaurant here in Foley,AL. We had a "Cesar Salad" and a "Calzone". We shared both the small salad and small Calzone.
Sylvia needed some things at the Factory Outlet Mall, located next door. We returned to the RV about 3 pm. Glenn then did the laundry.
Tomorrow is Doctor's appointment at 9 am. That means we have to get up early.
Today's weather was in the high 60's and the same is forecast for the remainder of the week.
Till later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 1-22-10

Today was a bright sunshiny day. After cleaning the RV, working with the WII, and walking the dogs, we drove to Fairhope with the dogs to visit the park there.
From 1-22-10

This is shorts weather. We had lunch here.
From 1-22-10

The bay is calm. even a fisherman or two.
From 1-22-10

The building on the pier is a restaurant. The walk was to much for Sylvia.
From 1-22-10

The view looking south. Note the wind sock on the bird house.
From 1-22-10

This is Sylvia's day with all that pain. The dogs like to keep her company.
From 1-22-10

Till later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday 01-19-10

What a beautiful day here in Summerdale, AL. The temperature at noon was 65 degrees and no wind. Glenn cleaned off the side of the RV and even added a little wax.
Sylvia was able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

This evening we ate dinner with about 75 campers in the clubhouse. Twice a week the campground serves dinner in the clubhouse. The cost is $5.00 on Tuesday and $6.00 on Thursday. Normally there are about 65 to 75 campers eating with us. The food is good and the conversation is better.

Till Later.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday 1-15-10

Today is a beautiful day, Warm and Sun shine. We sat outside after lunch and enjoyed the sun shine till time to leave for the Therapy. We stopped by Walmart to have a prescription filled and pick up some milk and cheeze.
My personal opinion is that the therapy is not helping reduce the pain. Monday, if the pain remains at this level I will contact the Doctor to discuss other options, or Doctors.
This morning we have rain. The forecast is for rain all day then nice on Sunday. Well rain is better than snow.
Till next time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday 1-12-10

Today the weather is warmer, high's in the 50's. Today was also wash day. After lunch we drove to Therapy. Today the put Sylvia on the tension machine, for the first time since Christmas she has been able to walk upright.
We drove to Walmart, picked up medicine, and returned to the RV. Sylvia was feeling better, we attended the dinner at the clubhouse. This is the first campground function Sylvia has attended since Christmas. We had a great time visiting with our neighbors. The chairs in the clubhouse are metal and hurt Sylvia's back. Glenn carried out canvas chairs for her to sit in. Sylvia was able to stay in the clubhouse for about 1 hour before her back began hurting. We returned to the RV where she was able to lye down and relax.
Tomorrow's weather is for 55 degrees and sunshine. We can hardly wait.
Till later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Felix Fish Camp

Last week we had visitors. Gerri and Mike stopped by and we had a very nice chat.
From felix fish canp

They will be here in the park and are volunteering with the meals.

Today is such a pretty clear sunshiny day, We decided to have lunch at "Felix Fish Camp".This is located just off I-10 at the Northern end of Mobile Bay. We arrived at 1 pm.
From felix fish canp

The meal was delicious,and the scenery out the windows was good.
From felix fish canp

From felix fish canp

From felix fish canp

After the meal we returned home to the RV as Sylvia's back was giving her more pain. She needed another pain pill and rest in the bed.
Glenn fed and walked the dogs. 5:30 Glenn attended the ice cream social at the club house. This is where the manager informs everyone about the weeks schedule. Glenn did bring ice cream for Sylvia. About 80 people attended tonight's social.
We disconnected the water hose again as low teen temperatures are forecast.
This is mealtime when Sylvia is in bed.
From felix fish canp

Till later!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9,2010

This morning the temperatures were in the teens, the park piping was frozen. I poured warm water on the pipe and the water flowed. We have a storage tank in the motor home for fresh water, the park pipes being frozen does not affect us until we need to fill the tank. Today's temperatures did rise to 35 degrees, We refilled out fresh water tank.
out site #86
From 12-13-09 After rain

Sylvia seems to get a little better but the pain is still strong. She is resting either on the couch or in bed. She cannot sit in a chair. We may have to get a "Saddle Block" if that is required.

Today was laundry day. Filling the water tank and doing the laundry took up most of the day. Yesterday the water was off in the park, they had a main break, so the laundry was busy today.

Tonight the forecast is for temperatures in the teens again. So far we have been warm, we use a lot of propane and electricity but that's better than being cold.
Till later.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6-10

In the morning Glenn checked the LP gas and discovered that the tank was very low. We packed up and unhooked. Sylvia was still in a lot of pain and could not sit in the chairs. She was able to recline on the couch while we drove the 7 miles to the Propane store in Robertsdale, AL. The trip was without problems and we were hooked up again by about 11:30.
Yesterday afternoon Sylvia went to therapy for her back and hip. After therapy, her pain in the hip was less. She is still in pain, now she can walk upright.
Glenn attended the ham supper at the clubhouse. The meal was excellent. There were about 75 RVers at the meal. He did bring Sylvia a plate, including dessert.
The weather has been cold. Night time temperatures have been in the teen's and low twenty's. Day time temperatures have been in the 40's. The forecast for the next 10 days are for more of the same.
Today's schedule includes another therapy session. The medicine seems to be working and Sylvia can sleep part of the night now.
Till later!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Doctor visit

This morning we drove to see the Doctor here in Foley, AL. Dr Mason is a "Board Certified" Orthopedic Surgeon. Sylvia was examined and had X-rays. The Doctor wants to try to relieve the pain with Drugs and Therapy. Sylvia starts therapy tomorrow at 2 pm. The drugs are a mussel relaxer,Anti-inflammatory,and the pain killer.
Due to the circumstances we now expect to be here in the "Rainbow Plantation" for about 6 weeks. This is a nice campground and great people.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan 1-10

Happy New Year to all.
The past week has not been easy for Sylvia. The pain in the lower back and hip has been very high. Thursday was a little lighter pain wise and it was a beautiful sunshine day. We drove to "Cracker Barrel" for lunch. Thursday evening the pain returned. We have an appointment with an "Orthopedic Surgeon" for Monday morning. I will keep you posted on the possibilities. Hope they are able to relieve some of the pain.
From 01-01-10

I did go to the lunch at the clubhouse, I made lunch for Sylvia first.
From 01-01-10

This is the early crowd for lunch.
Till later.