Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday 8-20-08

Up at 7 Wednesday morning. I have to have a fasting blood test, so off to the lab and have the blood drawn. Now back to the RV for breakfast. We are going to Chesapeake square to shop and just wander around. We stopped for lunch at the Red Lobster. We split a lobster and shrimp lunch. That was just about the right amount of food for both of us. We then stopped at "Pet Smart" to pick up dry dog food.

We went to the Campground office to see about having a "pot Luck" dinner here on Sunday. Management said yes, so now we will notify everyone. This should be interesting! Pot lucks always are.

The evening was visiting neighbors and enjoying the cool air.

This morning we arose at the normal time 8am. After the morning routine we drove to "Lowes" to exchange a wire shelf. This may help organize the kitchen. While we were out, Sylvia mentioned that she was dizzy. We went to McDonalds for a drink. This didn't help so we came home. Sylvia checked her blood sugar, found it high but not alarmingly high. She is resting now.

Thats it for now.
God Bless and see you later.

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Sandra said...

You guys take care of yourselves & have fun at the potluck. Good for you organizing one!