Friday, October 31, 2008

Pot Luck 10-31-08

Today we paid the rent and light bill, drove to the post office and picked up the mail. Our ballots were there so we voted and returned the ballots to Texas. with that completed we were off to Walmart for bread etc. While in the area we also drove to Home Depot for a board to make a shelf.
Home then to make the pie for tonight's pot luck supper.
Pot Luck's are about the best eating dinner that we have had in some time. There were about 100 people attending tonight. The food was excellent and lots of it. Paul and June , Tim and Sally sat with us at the table.
We are back at the RV now to relax and enjoy the evening.
Till next time.

Mom's Birthday

Thursday is Lorine (Sylvia)'s birthday. Paul and June joined us for a tour to "Bellingrath Gardens and Home" located near Mobile, Al. Walter & Bessy Bellingrath were originators of Coca Cola. The house was constructed in 1935 at a fishing camp.
The trip started about 10:30 am. The drive was 1 hour. We arrived about 11:45, parked, found the entry and lunchroom. We all had a drink and a snack. Now we are ready for the tour and wandering around the garden. There are several gardens, most with benches and gazebos. There are rose gardens, a conservatory, a Butterfly Garden, Lush lawns, a Bayou Boardwalk, a mirror Lake, and an Asian American Garden. The tour is about 2 miles long as the walks wind throught the gardens.
The artisan wells provide water for the fountains and gardens. The paths are paved with brick. Mum's are blooming now and the lights are being installed for the up-coming Christmas Season.
This is truly a place not to be missed while in the Moblie area.
The house tour was included in the 19 dollar admission. This grand house is filled with antiques of furniture, silver, china, crystal, and cut glass. The exterior, featuring handmade brick and iron work from a landmark 19th century Mobile hotel is equally as captivating in its design. This is amazing how much 5 cents a bottle for coke can do.
We ended the tour and by now were ready for something to eat. We headed to "Felix's Fish Camp". This has been voted "Mobiles Favorite". The place is located right on Mobile Bay, The views from the 2 nd floor dining room are fantistic. The service and food were exceptional.
The sun was setting as we crossed the Bay on route 10. With no place to turn out, we have no pictures of the sunset.
We arrived home after dark and the two dogs, Bandit and Snowflake, were excited to see us.
We had a wonderful day with our neighbors Paul and June, thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold day

Monday started out warm and windy. The wind from the north became cooler every hour. The overnight low was 43 degrees. Tonight's low is forecast to be 34 degrees. Can't wait for warmer weather.
Yesterday and today we washed clothes and just hung around the campground. Every now and then you need that kind of a day.
The campground is getting more campers, some may be here for the fall rally in Florida.
Tomorrow may bring warmer weather.
That's it from here tonight.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday 10-25

Saturday morning was still wet and cloudy. We rearranged the yard. The matt was turned over to show the dark side. The large shepherds hook was setup. The day turned out sunny and dry.
We went with Paul & June to "Big Daddy's Seafood" for dinner. They have outside tables and live music. The music is 50's, 60's, and 70's. We returned to the RV then went to Foley, Al. to go to the Senior center to attend the dance. We had a great time.
Sunday morning we got up at 7 am. Early for us. I made breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. After walking the dogs we went to church at "Marlow Methodist Church". The church is about 2 miles West of the campground. Today they had a free lunch, a cook out, the food was plenty and good. Many campers from "Rainbow Plantation" attend this church. That was a pleasant surprise.
We are now relaxing at home in the RV.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday in the Rain

Lets go back to Tuesday. Sylvia and I drove to Gulf Shores to visit the State Park as a possible place to stay near the beach. The Park has full hook-ups and some great views. The down side is that the sites are smaller than the sites at Rainbow Plantation. Just to be fair, no other campground has sites the size of the sites here. We left the campground and drove the mile to the beach. We parked in the "Birding" parking lot, had our lunch in the pavilion, then walked barefoot an the beach. The water was warm, 78 degrees, the sand is white,ie get together in our RV. and the air temperatuer was 82 degrees. What more could you ask for?
We returned to the RV, walked the dogs, and visited with our neighbors Paul & June. June has the movie "RV" so we had a movie get together in our RV. June brought a angle food cake an d we added ice cream. That along with good conversation made for a great evening.
Wednesday we joined Paul & June and drove to "Camping World". We purchased two small plastic tables and a large mud flap for the rear of the motor home. I joined the "Presidents Club" that allows me to get the 10 % discount on all purchases. We then drove to "Winn-Dixie". While the "Girls" were shopping, Paul and I walked to the movie store. They had a buy 2 get 2 free ssooo I bought2 and got 2. We returned home and made plans for another "Movie" night. We watched "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams. A very fitting movie for the times we live in now with all the political mess. Sylvia made a "peach frozen yoga". The dish was terrific.
Thursday with rain in the forcast, I decided to wash the roof of the RV. The temperatures were in the 70's with a light wind, perfict weather to wash the RV. The job was completed before the rains began. We drove to the Post Office to pick-up the mail, The rains started then and the rain continues now, 7 pm.
That's it for now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday 10-19-

Sunday we got upm about 8:15, after the usual routine we toured the campground with the dogs to give them some exercise, of course we needed it also.
Paul stopped over and asked if I would like to go with him to purchase some speaker wire. We started out when the low pressure alarm indicated that there was a low tire on the Jeep. We drove back to my rig where I connected the air compressor and aired the tire. Paul was able to find the problem, a screw. We decided to leave the Jeep and take my car for the trip.
We drove to Foley, Al to the Home Depot for the speaker wire. On the way home we stopped at the "Coleman" store to "wish". In the same "Strip Mall" was a tool reconditioning store. The tools looked new. This was a large store and well stocked. We returned to the Rv around 4:30.
Every Sunday evening there is a "Ice Cream" social in the Club House. This is the place to meet all the campers who attend.

Monday we got up late, 8:30. Sylvia had wanted to attend a "Beading" class but the class started at 9 am. mmmmm. Must remember to set the alarm if we need to be somewhere early! Today we washed clothes, faster now that we have a clothes line.
I closed up a hole in the frame, this will keep out large animals. The hole seems to have been cut to access the sensors for the black water tank.
Today we had Taco Salad.
That's it for now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Summerdale, Al 10-18-08

Friday we went grocery shopping at Walmart. While there I also renewed a prescription. That experience always annoys me. The amount of money spent for the stuff brought home. AAAHHHHH.
Later Paul and June invited us to go eat out at "Big Daddy's", A sea food restaurant here in Summerdale. The rain kept the croud small but the live band was good.
We arrived "Home" and put in a movie with Paul and June here. We played "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". A good movie.
This morning we got up to about 55 degrees. Bbrrr. The temperature rose to about 77 degrees, nice. We spent most of the day chatting with our fellow campers. This afternoon, Sylvia went shopping with June. A nice break for both of us. While she was gone, I hung out the wash, and I have pictures.
That's about it for now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Summerdale, Al.10/16

Wednesday we drove to Summerdale Post Office and picked up our mail. We then drove south to Home Depot and picked up 20 feet of PVC 1 inch pipe to construct a clothesline. When we returned home I walked the dogs and relaxed under the trees.

Thursday, after the morning routine, I cut and glued the PVC pipe to make a portable cloths line that will attach to the ladder at the rear of the motor home.

Today I have pictures of Paul and June's motor home. The two are very identical.
I have pictures of the campsites here at Rainbow Plantation.

Donna brought over a "Resurrection Fern". This seems to be a "dead" fern on a decayed stick that grows when the stick is soaked in water. Very interesting.

Thats it for today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Summerdale, Al 10-13-08

Sunday was a laid back kind of day. We walked over to meet our neighbor Bob and Donna. They full time in a Mobile Suite. This couple have been full timing fore 8 years. The site they are on is leased for the year. This allows them to travel and have a site to come home to. The visit to meet them turned into a 4 hour stay. What a great couple.

There is another Allegro Bay in the campground that is the same year and color. Sunday he moved to the next campsite. The two sites look like twins. Even down to the same gas grill. How strange.

Today we drove to Pensacola, Fl. about 30 miles East of here. This was a nice drive through the country. While coming home we stopped at the "Factory Outlet" stores here in Foley, Al. Sylvia found a Top that she liked, at the checkout a hole was discovered, The clerk discounted the price. The 40 dollar top was purchased for $1.07. What a deal.

This afternoon we sat outside and chatted with our neighbors till dark.

Till Later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fort Mongan, Al

Saturday morning we are up early, 7:30 am. Well its early for us. After the morning routine we are headed to Gulf Shores, Al. this weekend they are having a shrimp festival. the area will be packed, sowe are going west to Fort Morgan. This is a civil war fort to protect Mobil, Al. The site is 50 acers. The walls are huge.

Before WW1 "Modern" cannon were added.

Sylvia and I walked to the shore and waded in the surf. The sand was warm and the water was cool.

When we returned to the RV we decided to change camp sites to a site where we could use our satalite TV. We are now in site 81.

That's it for now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Summerdale, Al

Thursday morning we checked out of Gunter Hill Campground and headed to Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Al. The trip was 183 miles, we arrived at 2:45 pm. After our check in and "hugs" we are settled in site 69. The site is shadded and no satellite TV. We do have 8 channels on the wing-bat antenna.
Today I washed the Motor home while Sylvia washed clothes and made a cake and cleaned the rig. I also chatted with Bill who has a 2007 Allegro Bay the same model as ours.
We did find the Walmart, and I had a prescription filled. Tonight we set-up the solar lights along the walkway.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gunter Hill Campground.Montgomery, Al

We were up early(7 am) this morning, have the morning routine and left Red Bay, Al. about 9:30.
We traveled route 23, 78, and 65. The roads were good and the only problem was the accident on route 65 in Birmingham. We were stopped for 45 minutes while they cleaned up the mess. Two autos and an 18 wheeler involved. We arrived in Gunter Hill Campground at 3:30 pm.
This is a Corps of engineers campground. We have 50 amp service and water, and we have air card service. We will spend the night here and move on in the morning.
We expect to be in Summerdale, Al at the Rainbow Plantation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Red Bay, Al

Tuesday we are up at 6 am. have showers and breakfast and walk over to the paint shop. When we checked into the campground on Monday, I was sent to see the paint shop about fixing the crack. The forman said that if we did not have rain he could work on the rig outside. Well, we have rain.
The rig went into bay 22 and was repaired. My stroke of luck here continues. At noon I went back into bay 22 to see how they were doing. Thomas the painter said that the rig was ready to leave. We have checked out of the shop and will leave here tomorrow to travel toward Mobile, Al.
We expect to travel to the Montgomery area and stay at a COE park.
Picture is of the "Runway" Red Bay, Al

Monday, October 6, 2008

Piney Grove Campgroung Dennis, Ms

Catch up tome as we had no internet access in the campground. Friday we left Allegro Campground in Red Bay, Al. and drove the 28 miles to Piney Grove Campground near Dennis, Ms. This sis a Corps of Engineers campground located on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway in North East Mississippi. This is a navigable link between the lower Tennessee Valley and the Gulf of Mexico.
Saturday we drove to Tupelo, Ms to see the birthplace of "Elvis". He lived here 13 years before moving to Memphis, Te. We drove the "Natchez Trace"from here to Tupelo. This parkway follows the trail used by the "Indians" many years ago. There is no heavy truck traffic and is a nice drive through the country side.
While washing the Coach I discovered a group of cracks on the rear cap.
Ssooo we are back in Red Bay, Al. to have this repaired.
Todays pictures are from the campsite in Piney Grove Campground.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving on

Thursday and the issues have been repaired. Today we shopped at Walmart and are now stocked up to dry camp for 3 days. Yup, we are going to Piney Grove Campground near Dennis, Ms. Wednesday we toured the campground and decided to spend the weekend. We will leave Red Bay, Al Friday. We do not expect to have cell phone or internet service from the Campground.

Monday, We expect to start South! Today we are talking about walking in the Surf at the Gulf. Long range plans are fuzzy at best. Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Al looks like a good stop.