Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Next

Monday morning and today I found the left front tire of the car soft. I drove over to the Goodyear store to repair, balance and rotate the tires. I stopped at the "No Touch" car wash and removed a supply of dust.

Home at the RV, I called "Tiffin" and have an appointment for September 16 to have warranty work completed. The floor tile were scratched at time of delivery in April and the paint is cracked at the ladder support.

This will answer the question of where we go upon leaving Suffolk, Va. I ran the route on the "Good Sam Club" website and the trip is 814 miles and 14 1/2 hours. That is all right as I have 5 days to get there.

The route is through NC, SC, GA,and AL. We will try to stay only one night per stop. I hope to drive only 5 or 6 hours per day. This will be a nice slow trip.

The month is over here on September 9.

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