Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lyssa arrives

This morning we slept in till 8:am. The weather was cooler than it has been,72 at 8. We had breakfast outside. With the cooler temperatures, we reorganized the outside storage. This occupied out time till noon.

We had sandwiches for lunch then we showered and dressed to go pick up Lyssa (granddaughter) at Norfolk airport. The plane was scheduled to arrive at 1:41. Due to storms in Washington D C, the plane landed at 4:40 pm.This time frame meant that the evening rush hour was going strong. We returned to Suffolk about 6:00pm.

Bandit and Snowflake were glad that we had returned. Bandit was cautious of Lyssa but warmed up fast. We walked the dogs took some pictures.

Lyssa will be with us for the next week. Times will change here. Tomorrow is rehab and maybe run the Sea Eagle.

Till later.

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