Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday 8-30-08

Friday was a busy day. We got up to rain still. The remains of tropical storm May are slowly moving out of the Tide Water area. We drove to "Lowes" to pick up a slide out tray for the sink cabinet. While there Aunt Doris called and invited us to a spaghetti dinner. Sylvia stopped at Wal Mart to pick up peaches and nuts to make a "Peach Crisp" for desert. We enjoyed a good dinner and a good visit. We returned to the RV around 9ish.

This morning we got up at 6:45!!! We got dressed and went to the "Waffle House" for breakfast. Sylvia had biscuits and gravy while I had steak and eggs.

Today I cleaned the duct vent filters. A neighbor stopped and asked if I could help him start his motor home engine. Checking with a volt meter showed that the main disconnect solenoid was open. We discovered that the house battery's were discharged. This battery controls the solenoid.

Sylvia, Fay, and Jo have arranged a group lunch to be held here at the pavilion. We have invited Aunt Doris and her family to attend tomorrow at 2:pm.

3:pm there was a strong thunderstorm moving threw the campground. The storm lasted about 30 minuets and dropped about 2 inches of rain.

That's it from here. God Bless.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rain - Still

Cool and raining last night let me sleep till 8 this morning. This morning the rain was heavy at times. We used umbrellas to stay dry while walking the dogs. The dogs got the towel treatment when we returned to the RV.

This afternoon we visited with Aunt Doris. While coming home we stopped at "Farm Fresh", a grocery store to pick up "Elios" pizza. We have not seen them in Wal Mart.
This evening after supper we sat outside to watch a little TV. Well the rain chased us inside. Now the choices seem to be Football, convention, and hopefully a good movie.

I have a picture of our site here in Davis Lakes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Suffolk, Va 8-27-08

Yesterday was a cool day, temperature wise. We got up at 9: am. AAAAAhhhh no time to worry about schedules. We just hung out at the Rv. In the evening we visited Jim and Fay, our neighbors. We sat out and chatted until 9:30.

This morning we got up at 9: am. Do you see a pattern here? By the time our routine was completed it was lunch time. We decided to have lunch in Franklin, Va. That isout 20 miles west from Davis Lakes Campground. We had lunch in "Fred's". This is a family owned restaurant. The food was great. I have posted a picture.

We returned to Suffolk and stopped at Virginia and Dicks. We spent the remainder of the day visiting with our cousins. Dick has purchased a type"C" motor home. The rig is clean and is 15 years old. The inside is in great condition. Dick sometimes deals in auto's. I wonder how long he will keep this one?

Tonight there is rain and the temperatures are about 80 degrees. A welcome relief from the past weeks.
Dinner is ready! See-Ya.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Next

Monday morning and today I found the left front tire of the car soft. I drove over to the Goodyear store to repair, balance and rotate the tires. I stopped at the "No Touch" car wash and removed a supply of dust.

Home at the RV, I called "Tiffin" and have an appointment for September 16 to have warranty work completed. The floor tile were scratched at time of delivery in April and the paint is cracked at the ladder support.

This will answer the question of where we go upon leaving Suffolk, Va. I ran the route on the "Good Sam Club" website and the trip is 814 miles and 14 1/2 hours. That is all right as I have 5 days to get there.

The route is through NC, SC, GA,and AL. We will try to stay only one night per stop. I hope to drive only 5 or 6 hours per day. This will be a nice slow trip.

The month is over here on September 9.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pot luck Sunday

Lets back up and say that Saturday was just a lazy day. We got up late, after the usual routine, drove to Wal Mart to pick up stores for the potluck, returned to the RV,and CHILLED. I napped while Sylvia baked the meal for the potluck.

Sunday and Pot luck. After the usual routine we dressed for Church. We met Aunt Doris and family in church and enjoyed a good service. We had to leave at 12:20 as we had to prepare the area for the pot luck afternoon.

We dressed and carried the plates etc. to the pavilion. There is no stove there so I carried the gas grill to warm up food. Fifteen of us participated in the affair. Steven and Susan brought cheese, summer sausage and cherries. Jolene and Frank brought roasted chicken. Jim and Fay brought roasted chicken, coleslaw and rolls. Steven, Robin, Lorene, and Joshua brought spaghetti/with meat balls, green bean salad, coleslaw, cream puffs, and a pound cake. Paul, Twetter, and Sammy brought baked beans . Sylvia and I brought a chicken, rice, and cheese dish, and a yellow cake. The food was terrific as was the conversation.

The group broke up around 6pm. Four of us stopped at Fay and Jim's place to play uno. This lasted until the light failed and we had to come home to walk the dogs.

The Pot luck was a success.
That's it for now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday 8-22

Sylvia's dizziness passed. Still don't know the cause. We had a restful night and were up at 8 this morning. The usual routine, showers, breakfast, and walking the dogs. This morning we drove to the "Dollar Store" to pick up paper and Styrofoam products for Sundays "potluck".

Home at the RV we relaxed and chilled the afternoon away. This evening after dinner, we walked the dogs over near the lake. There is a 5th wheel with an interesting 550 tow truck. I stopped by to admire the truck and was invited to sit a spell. Frank and Terry have been full timers for ten years. We had a good visit and discussed many things about life on the road. At dark we returned to the RV and watched the Olympics.

Thats about it for today. See-Ya

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday 8-20-08

Up at 7 Wednesday morning. I have to have a fasting blood test, so off to the lab and have the blood drawn. Now back to the RV for breakfast. We are going to Chesapeake square to shop and just wander around. We stopped for lunch at the Red Lobster. We split a lobster and shrimp lunch. That was just about the right amount of food for both of us. We then stopped at "Pet Smart" to pick up dry dog food.

We went to the Campground office to see about having a "pot Luck" dinner here on Sunday. Management said yes, so now we will notify everyone. This should be interesting! Pot lucks always are.

The evening was visiting neighbors and enjoying the cool air.

This morning we arose at the normal time 8am. After the morning routine we drove to "Lowes" to exchange a wire shelf. This may help organize the kitchen. While we were out, Sylvia mentioned that she was dizzy. We went to McDonalds for a drink. This didn't help so we came home. Sylvia checked her blood sugar, found it high but not alarmingly high. She is resting now.

Thats it for now.
God Bless and see you later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday 8-19

Up this morning at 7am! I made myself turkey bacon and eggbeaters with toast. I managed to make too much noise and woke up Sylvia. I will learn to be quite some time. We sat outside in the cool and peaceful shade. We got out the bucket, soap, and a rag and washed the camper. Sylvia went inside, started a wash,and began a cleanup. We stopped for a leftover lunch.

I removed a day-night shade to replace the string. After completing that I removed the screen to the fantastic fan for cleaning. Just routine cleaning that had been neglected, now we are set for a while.

We called Aunt Doris to go spend some time with her today as this is two months after the passing of Sylvia's Mother, and her sister. Virginia was there and we had a nice chat. Virginia left with hugs around. Later Aunt Doris made a meal for everyone.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Saturday was a lazy day for us. We got up late, washed clothes, and napped. We watched the Olympics and got in bed about 11:30.

Sunday we were up at 7:30,had showers, walked the dogs, and went to IHOP for breakfast. The banana pancakes were great.

We attended church at the "Church of God" in Suffolk. Aunt Doris and most of her children attend. They invited us to have Lunch with them at a restaurant, we declined as we had had our breakfast out. We returned to the RV, had lunch, and visited with Jim and Fay. Jim wanted to remove part of the carpet from there camper. I loaned him some tools and advice for the removal.Glad I was able to help our neighbor.

After dinner we drove to Aunt Dorise's to visit. Aunt Doris is having a hard time grieving the passing of her sister, Sylvia's Mother, who lived with her 28 years. Virginia and Dick stopped by, We all had a nice visit and left there about 9:30pm.

This morning Monday, we were up at 7:30. Sylvia baked apple cinnamon muffins. Ummmm. We washed clothes and drove to Wal Mart for milk and bread.

Dinner tonight was shrimp, noodles, tomato sauce, and onions.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rehab complete

Friday morning and the usual routine. At rehab, I completed the required four machines, met with a dietitian, and the nurses had a small graduation ceremony. This completes the rehab program here, of course you know that the training must continue. Now next week I have to have a fasting blood work, and the 29th I have a doctor visit. This visit is to check the cholesterol. Then, God willing, we will be free to continue our on the road life.
While I was in rehab, Sylvia was doing laundry and cleaning up the RV.
Today is Tommy's birthday. Kandy is hosting a cookout. We need to bring our meat. We chose steak. Kandy and the girls (Kandy, Shirley, Cecilla, and Virginia) made a garden salad, baked potatoes with cheese and bacon, shrimp, and beans. Jessy cooked the meat on the grill. Desert was banana pudding. One more meal that is not in the diet!
My older sister Margaret called. We had not chatted in about six weeks and we had a lot of gossip to get caught up on. Margaret is the oldest of my sisters. All of my sisters are older than me.
Future plans are to leave Davis Lakes Campground here in Suffolk, Va the 9th of September.Our next stop has not been determined at this time.
Decisions, Decisions.
Today's pictures are of Windy, Sylvia, and their Mother.
Till next time. God Bless all of you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lyssa goes home

Thursday morning and kind of a lazy day. The usual routine followed by preparing Lyssa for the trip home. The dress hem was sown and the skirt was ironed. We stopped to see Cecilla on the way to the airport. Lyssa received a necklace to match the bracelet she received yesterday. What a beautiful and generous gift. The trip to the airport was uneventful and Lyssa's flight left on time.
When we were walking out from the gate, Sylvia tripped and fell on her knees. She said that her shoe had stuck on the carpet. She said that she was not hurt. I know she will ache in the morning. While coming home we stopped at "Food Lyon " to pick up steaks to take to a birthday cookout at Kandy's.
What a feast they put on at Kandy's. They had baked potatoes with cheese and bacon, sweet potatoes, beans, shrimp, and salad. Each brought there won steaks, cooked by Jessy. The party broke up at about 10:30.
My sister Margaret called about 10 pm. We had not talked in about 6 weeks and had a lot of catching-up to do. Margaret is my older sister. I can say that because I am the baby.
This ands Thursday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedsday's rehab 8-12

Wednesday morning, up with the alarm clock, the usual routine.
I walked into rehab to find both nurses attending to a patient. The patient said that he felt "OK". The nurses called his heart doctor, set up an EKG and called an "emergency room" nurse to transport him to the emergency room. I did not see him again today. I hope that they were able to stabilize and normalize the patient. I tell you this just to say that" because you are in rehab, does not mean that you are all healed".
The rehab for me was routine, I operated the four machines at the speeds and resistance required. The blood pressure and heart rate were normal, during exercise and the cool down.
Home at the RV, Sylvia was modifying a dress to fit Lyssa. She also was baking brownies and a chicken casserole to take to Aunt Dorise's for the gathering tonight.
We arrived at the gathering about 5:45. Aunt Doris had cooked hamburger with beans, a salad, and potatoes. this was a feast. Cecilla and Willy, Shirley and Jessy, Kandy, Matthew, Tommy, Sylvia and Glenn, and of course Lyssa.
Lyssa was introduced to the family members who had not seen her in ten years. Lyssa, in her natural personality, was a hit with everyone.
Todays pictures are from the gartering.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This morning we arose after 8 am. After all we are retired and one is on vacation. Sylvia made pancakes for breakfast, with maple syrup. While discussing where and what to do, it was decided to visit Cecilla at the "Denisons" department store. Cecilla has worked at this store since high school and is now the manager. Cecilla gave Lyssa a beautiful bracelet. Friday is Lyssa's birthday.

We visited Aunt Doris. She has been having a difficult time dealing with the passing of her sister(Sylvia's Mother). We had a good time remembering things from 45 years ago.

Back home at the RV, Lyssa was chasing and playing with Sammy, a neighbor's 3 year old boy. The two make a team.

Todays pictures are again of Lyssa.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday morning and we slept in. Lyssa did not disturb us as she also slept in. The usual routine of breakfast, showers, and walk the dogs nearly took us to lunch time. We called Aunt Doris to see if she would be in, she was so we drove over and had a great visit. Lyssa had been here 10 years ago and had a long chat with many memories. We returned to the RV had dinner and watched the Olympics.

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday, late sleepers all.Windy called and invited Lyssa to go shopping with her daughter Amber. They picked up Lyssa about 2. They returned at 5:30. Lyssa had a great time. We chatted with our RV neighbors and later watched the Olympics.

Monday i was up at 7 as I have rehab. the usual routine of Showers, Breakfast, and walk the dogs. I was at rehab when i realized that I had not had my medication. The blood pressures were all high. The nurse asker me if I had my pills. They allowed me to continue as the pressures were not extreme.

Home at the RV I took my medicine and researched where to go today. The decision was made to tour the Hamden Roads Harbor aboard the Victory Rover. The boat tour is 2 hours long and covers most of the harbor. The drive to the boat is about 25 miles. We returned home, had dinner, and now are relaxing.

Todays pictures are of the tour of the harbor.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Up at 7,the usual routine, then time for rehab. This morning the routine is still 9 minuets and the force has been increased. The treadmill was set to 3 mph. The "nuway" machine was run at 105 strokes per minuet. The arm cycle was run at 85 rpm. The stair cycle was also run at 85 rpm. The machine that makes me tired is still the treadmill.

At home, after lunch, I retrieved the Sea Eagle from storage. Lyssa and I carried it to the pond. We pumped up the boat and seats and put the boat in the water. Lyssa got in the seat, I pushed the boat out a ways, got in the boat and turned it bottom side up. Lyssa got up out of the water and said " Grandpa, thats not funny!" but it really was. We dumped the water out, got back in the boat and had a good paddle around the pond. There are no pictures of this. Too bad, it was funny! We carried the boat to the RV, had dinner then returned to the pond with the boat. This time Lyssa did not want to go, so Sylvia went with me. No spills this time. We finally removed the boat from the water at 7:30pm. After drying the boat and putting it back in the bag and storage it is now time to relax.

Things sure changed with Lyssa here. Not her fault.
Hope that you had a fun day also. As my ham friends would say "73"
If you are not a ham it means "Best Regards"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lyssa arrives

This morning we slept in till 8:am. The weather was cooler than it has been,72 at 8. We had breakfast outside. With the cooler temperatures, we reorganized the outside storage. This occupied out time till noon.

We had sandwiches for lunch then we showered and dressed to go pick up Lyssa (granddaughter) at Norfolk airport. The plane was scheduled to arrive at 1:41. Due to storms in Washington D C, the plane landed at 4:40 pm.This time frame meant that the evening rush hour was going strong. We returned to Suffolk about 6:00pm.

Bandit and Snowflake were glad that we had returned. Bandit was cautious of Lyssa but warmed up fast. We walked the dogs took some pictures.

Lyssa will be with us for the next week. Times will change here. Tomorrow is rehab and maybe run the Sea Eagle.

Till later.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day-night shade

Today, after the usual morning routine, we went out to look for a new replacement cord for the "Day-night" shades. We looked at two stores in Suffolk, then drove
to the Chesapeake mall. Finding nothing there we were directed to Joann's Fabric where a suitable cord was found.
While there we had lunch at Joe's pizza. We each had a single slice with a small drink.
Back home I remover one shade to replace the broken cord. The cord replacement is fairly simple once the old one is removed and you have a good one to follow. The coach is under warranty but we would have had to wait two weeks for the appointment. No patience, and now we have had an education.
With the temperatures again in the high 90's, I stayed inside with the AC.
This morning, Wednesday, is rehab. This morning's workout seemed to be more strenuous than usual. Th e treadmill was set on 2.9 miles per hour. Fast for a short old man. The arm bike had to be run at 80 rpm. The bike and arm windmill was run at 1.7. The good part was that I only had to complete three machines today as we had to watch a movie on depression and another on physical activity.
After rehab I stopped by Aunt Dorise's to pickup Sylvia, have a cup of coffee, hang a picture, and adjust the motion detectors on the outside lights.
We stopped at Walmart to pickup medicine and groceries. Lyssa, my grand daughter, will be here tomorrow. That will change our routine. The temperatures are predicted to be in the 80's the remainder of the week. The Sea Eagle will see a workout.
Todays pictures are the Sea Eagle and the pond.
Thanks fer reading.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aug. 4

August 4, 1963 was a very important date. Sylvia and I were Married. The time has passed very quickly, seems like only last week.
Today is rehab again. The times are increased to 9 and the efforts are also increased. There are only 6 sessions remaining. Then we will be free to continue our travels, after the Doctor's check-up on the 29th.
Sylvia visited with Aunt Doris while I went to rehab. I picked up Sylvia and returned to the RV.
Today we removed a broken day-night shade to replace the cord. The cord is not stocked in Lowes or Walmart. Tomorrow we will go to Michael's in Chesapeake. They may have the proper cord.
Aunt Doris called and invited us to Dinner, of course we accepted. We had pork chops, corn, peas, cabbage, potato's, and apples. Emily and Jimmy stopped by and we had a very nice visit. Emily and Jimmy are from Portsmouth, Va where Sylvia, and Aunt Doris were born and raised. It was great to remember old times.
Today's picture is Aunt Dorise's home.
Tuesday morning now and time to go to "Michael's".
See-Ya later.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday 8-03-2008

Sunday morning and we slept in till 8:45. After the usual, showers, breakfast, walk the two dogs, and clean the RV, now was time to just relax.
Wendy, Bill, and family are coming for dinner. We expect them about 3:pm. Sylvia has gone to Wal-mart for groceries. We are "fixing" chicken and spaghetti along with salad. Wendy brought a peach pie and sugar cookies. The dinner was a success and the children finished the cookies. That was a relief to our diabetes.
This evening we sat in the yard with our neighbors Steve, Paul, Samuel, watching the end of the car races. Later we solved all the worlds problems, only if someone would ask us!!
Time for chat room

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday 8-01-08

Friday morning routine: Alarm clock, shower, breakfast, walk the dogs, and then off to rehab.
This morning's rehab has the time on the machines increased to 9 minuets. Shuffling the sequence of machines does not reduce the fatigue. The time to recover is still good. This means that I am slowly recovering.
Back home at the RV, Sylvia had a wash in progress. c We both needed a haircut so we went to 'Great Cuts". After the haircuts we visited Aunt Doris, repaired the table, and visited.
We had a dinner date in Norfolk at the "Spirit of Norfolk". This is a boat that tours the harbor. We boarded the boat, had our pictures taken, and were escorted to our table. We were in for a wonderful evening. There is a live stage show, with singing and skits. At one of one of the dances the DJ had a contest of the longest married couple there. Sylvia and I had been married 45 years! Yaaaa. We won! This was a wonderful time and we will have to do this again.
The boat docked at 10:30. The dogs were very glad to see us as we arrived home at 11.