Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Suffolk, Va 8-27-08

Yesterday was a cool day, temperature wise. We got up at 9: am. AAAAAhhhh no time to worry about schedules. We just hung out at the Rv. In the evening we visited Jim and Fay, our neighbors. We sat out and chatted until 9:30.

This morning we got up at 9: am. Do you see a pattern here? By the time our routine was completed it was lunch time. We decided to have lunch in Franklin, Va. That isout 20 miles west from Davis Lakes Campground. We had lunch in "Fred's". This is a family owned restaurant. The food was great. I have posted a picture.

We returned to Suffolk and stopped at Virginia and Dicks. We spent the remainder of the day visiting with our cousins. Dick has purchased a type"C" motor home. The rig is clean and is 15 years old. The inside is in great condition. Dick sometimes deals in auto's. I wonder how long he will keep this one?

Tonight there is rain and the temperatures are about 80 degrees. A welcome relief from the past weeks.
Dinner is ready! See-Ya.

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