Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pot luck Sunday

Lets back up and say that Saturday was just a lazy day. We got up late, after the usual routine, drove to Wal Mart to pick up stores for the potluck, returned to the RV,and CHILLED. I napped while Sylvia baked the meal for the potluck.

Sunday and Pot luck. After the usual routine we dressed for Church. We met Aunt Doris and family in church and enjoyed a good service. We had to leave at 12:20 as we had to prepare the area for the pot luck afternoon.

We dressed and carried the plates etc. to the pavilion. There is no stove there so I carried the gas grill to warm up food. Fifteen of us participated in the affair. Steven and Susan brought cheese, summer sausage and cherries. Jolene and Frank brought roasted chicken. Jim and Fay brought roasted chicken, coleslaw and rolls. Steven, Robin, Lorene, and Joshua brought spaghetti/with meat balls, green bean salad, coleslaw, cream puffs, and a pound cake. Paul, Twetter, and Sammy brought baked beans . Sylvia and I brought a chicken, rice, and cheese dish, and a yellow cake. The food was terrific as was the conversation.

The group broke up around 6pm. Four of us stopped at Fay and Jim's place to play uno. This lasted until the light failed and we had to come home to walk the dogs.

The Pot luck was a success.
That's it for now.

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