Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day-night shade

Today, after the usual morning routine, we went out to look for a new replacement cord for the "Day-night" shades. We looked at two stores in Suffolk, then drove
to the Chesapeake mall. Finding nothing there we were directed to Joann's Fabric where a suitable cord was found.
While there we had lunch at Joe's pizza. We each had a single slice with a small drink.
Back home I remover one shade to replace the broken cord. The cord replacement is fairly simple once the old one is removed and you have a good one to follow. The coach is under warranty but we would have had to wait two weeks for the appointment. No patience, and now we have had an education.
With the temperatures again in the high 90's, I stayed inside with the AC.
This morning, Wednesday, is rehab. This morning's workout seemed to be more strenuous than usual. Th e treadmill was set on 2.9 miles per hour. Fast for a short old man. The arm bike had to be run at 80 rpm. The bike and arm windmill was run at 1.7. The good part was that I only had to complete three machines today as we had to watch a movie on depression and another on physical activity.
After rehab I stopped by Aunt Dorise's to pickup Sylvia, have a cup of coffee, hang a picture, and adjust the motion detectors on the outside lights.
We stopped at Walmart to pickup medicine and groceries. Lyssa, my grand daughter, will be here tomorrow. That will change our routine. The temperatures are predicted to be in the 80's the remainder of the week. The Sea Eagle will see a workout.
Todays pictures are the Sea Eagle and the pond.
Thanks fer reading.

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