Thursday, July 31, 2008

table repair

Up at normal time this morning(after 8 ). After showers, breakfast, and walking the digs, we went to Aunt Doris's to pick up a dress that Sylvia had purchased threw "Avon". While visiting, Kandy called and asked if we had eaten lunch. We said no and were invited to have lunch with she and Aunt Doris. We lunched at "Ruby Tuesdays". After lunch we stopped at "Sonic" for "mini Banana splits".
We returned to Aunt Dorises. She showed me a table that had a loose leg. I removed the leg and discovered that the "nut" had been stripped. We stopped at "Lowes" and was able to find the proper nut and glue to repair the leg. Tomorrow I will reassemble the table.
Today was a hot and humid day. We spent the remainder of the day chilling in the AC. Heavy rain came at 3:30 with high winds. Temperatures after the rain were down 20 degrees. Nice.
Now is time for bed,
Good nite and see-ya later.
The usual rehab morning, alarm at 7, showers, breakfast, walk the dogs, drop Sylvia off at Aunt Doris, and go to rehab.
Rehab, weigh in, blood pressure, and begin the work out. There are 5 types of machines to work on, I can use any four. This morning I chose to begin with the tread mill. This machine always raises my heart rate and tires me out. By starting here first I had hoped to avoid being so tired at the end. Well, the jury is still out on that one. The next machine was the "arm cycle". Eight minuets at a speed of 75 RPM. Next the air bike. The one that also uses the arms. Eight minuets at a speed of 45 RPM. Last but not least,a leg only bike.
This morning we also watched a movie on loosing eight. The point being was that" diets "do not work. You really have to change your life style and eating habits. The way we have always done it has put us where we are now.
I stopped at Aunt Dorise's and visited before returning to the RV. With temperatures again in the mid 90's, I did not take the boat out as we had planned.
I called "The Spirit of Norfolk", A diner boat,and made reservations for Friday evening dinner. The occasion is our 45th wedding anniversary.
Thats about it for today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Portsmouth, Va

Today we traveled to Portsmouth, Va. Sylvia was born and raised in Portsmouth, Va. Today is the first time in 20 years that we have been in Portsmouth to spend time and visit the "old home". Other times that we have gone to Portsmouth we have passed threw or have gone to see a family member. Today we roamed the area, visited the schools, Churches, and playgrounds.
We boarded the ferry to Norfolk, Va. The rain started as soon as the ferry left the dock. By the time we reached Norfolk the raid was heavy with high winds. We did not have rain gear and could not stay on the ferry. The 200 yard dash left us very wet.
While in "Water Side" had to dry off in the restrooms. Later, after we had shopped, we returned to Portsmouth via the ferry. A much dryer and more enjoyable ride. By the way,"There is no rain in the forecast". Love the weather person.
Todays pictures are from Sylvia's "home town".
Have a Great Day.
Could not upload the pictures. Will thy latter.

Monday, July 28, 2008

1/2 way there

Alarm at 7:00 am. Showers, Breakfast, and walking the dogs, now is time to go to rehab. Sylvia is traveling with me as far as Aunt Doris to visit while I am in rehab.
Rehab today is a repeat of Fridays. The effort is increased. Today is the 9th session out of 18. I was tired when the session was over.
I stopped to pick up Sylvia, had coffee and visited. We came home before noon. Today we researched the Portsmouth, Va area for attractions. We met there 45 years ago. Time flies when your having fun! The area has changed greatly. The Interstate High way now divides the area. Tomorrow we will visit the museums and other sites.
This evening after dinner we drove to "Sonic" for a mini banana split. Now that really fits with the DIET!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


With 2/3 of the blog completed, it disappeared. Grrrrrrr.
Arose at 8:45. After showers and breakfast, I walked the dogs while Sylvia started a wash.
We have a small clothes line from the ladder to a tree. Sylvia walked into the slide out while taking out the laundry. The injury is to the left side of her neck and shoulder. I helped her clean and dress the wound.
We drove to Lowes for pipe insulation to cover the corners of the slide out. While we were in the area, we also stopped a Wal-mart. We returned to the RV a little lighter. Now the corners are protected.
The evening was visiting with camper neighbors Fay and Jim.
Up at 7:30, showers and drove to the "Windsor Cafe" for breakfast. This family owned diner is a nice change from the chain diners. The biscuits and gravy were great.
Upon leaving Windsor, we stopped by the graveyard and visited "Mom's" grave
We had planned to take the Sea Eagle to the pond, but a rain forecast put a stop to that.
Aunt Doris and Sylvia's Mom lived together for 28 years. We called Aunt Doris and spent a great afternoon visiting with her.
When we returned to the RV, Fay invited us to come and share a Birthday cake for Robin, another camper neighbor. The campground has some fine campers.
9::50 now and have to get this posted.
Have a great day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Rehab

We both rose this morning at 7:00 am. after showers and breakfast, I walked the dogs. The morning walks cover about one mile and take about 35 minuets. We go around the pond near the pavilion.
The rehab sessions times were changed to 8 minuets each machine. There is no walk in the hall between machines. When one machine is completed, I move to the next one.A heart monitor is worn the entire time in rehab. My blood pressure is taken while running the machine, and again at the end of the session after I have rested for 5 minuets. Todays session raised my heart rate to 90 while on the treadmill. I had recovered at the end of the 5 minuet rest. I left rehab tired. There are 10 sessions remaining.
Back home at the RV, Sylvia had cleaned the motorhome. We spent the morning planing our next stop when rehab is completed.
After lunch, I lied down on the bed to watch a movie, two hours later Sylvia woke me up. I did not see the movie.
4 pm I walked the dogs around the larger pond. A camper on a golf cart passed us. As we walked down the road there was an ear of corn lying in the road. I picked up the corn and carried it as we walked. 3/4 of the way around the pond we found the golf cart and returned the corn. This fine camper refused the corn and even added 4 more ears of corn to a bag for me to take home.Back home at the Rv, three ears were given to a neighbor, the others were grilled for dinner.
Remember, the world is full of nice people! So if you can't find one!
What will tomorrow bring?
God Bless Everyone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sea Eagle

We got up late this morning,8:45. The rain remains with showers all morning. We cleaned the RV and started a wash.
Lunch was a frozen pizza. After lunch, the rain had stopped, Glenn got out the Sea Eagle, blew it up, and checked for leaks. Finding no leaks we carried the boat to the water. The boat is easy to handle, both in and out of the water. We paddled around for about an hour and a half. We removed the boat, cleaned it inside and out, dried it, and put it back into the storage bag.
Temperatures today were in the 80's. More like my kind of a day. This weather is kinder on the body.
This evening we went to Wal-mart to buy beach shoes to use with the boat. While we were out we stopped at Sal's for dinner. Sylvia had lasagna while Glenn had clams and spaghetti. Great food at a good price.
Thats it for today. tomorrow morning is rehab.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heat and rain

Up this morning at 6:45. After breakfast and walking the dogs it was time for Rehab. This morning the times are still 7 minuets but the effort is increased. This is all part of the plan. The tread mill, bicycle, full body workout, and upper body workout did raise the heart rate and I actually broke a sweat. The resting blood pressure has remained 100/60. The nurse said "This is good".
Home at the RV, Sylvia was doing Laundry, cle,aning the floors, and all that good stuff. The temperatures were 95 at 10 am. Ssooo again today too hot to play outside with the boat.
The rain arrived at 2 pm. A gust of wind rocked the RV and the awning retracted. Just love those automatic things. Thunder storms and high winds were in order for the remainder of the day. Todays rain promises to bring cooler temperatures. Maybe tomorrow for the boat.
This evening the rain remains.
Todays pictures are of the Motor home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smithfield, Va

This morning after breakfast and showers, Sylvia began laundry, while I walked the dogs. Temperatures were 85 at 8:30, another scorcher.
We decided to travel to Smithfield, Va for lunch. Someone in the RV-Dreams chat room had suggested we try the Smithfield Inn.The Inn is an old building built in the 1770's,and is a pub, Diner, and Inn. The interior is colonial, rustic, and beautiful. Sylvia had She-crab soup and a Caesar salad. Glenn had the Crabcake entre. Dessert was white chocolate fritter for Sylvia, Glenn had berry's and cream.The meal was out of this world. We won't discuss the price.Todays picture's are from inside the Inn.
On the way home we stopped to visit with Aunt Doris. We arrived at the Motor home at 5 pm.
This evening the temperatures have fallen to the 80's, I again walked the dogs around one of the lakes(ponds).
Now it's time for the chat room.

Monday, July 21, 2008


We got up this morning before the alarm. After showers, breakfast, and walking the two dogs, I drove to the hospital for rehab.
Today the time on the machines was increased to 7 minuets and the forces were increased. This raised the heart rate. The blood pressure remained normal while exercising. This rehab will strengthen the heart after all.
Returning to the home on wheels, Sylvia was washing clothes. The temperatures were now 90's and the outside clothes dryer worked great.
After lunch we went to Walmart to pick up milk. Then to Lowes for tubing to fix the refrigerator. The drip tray leaks back into the frig. The tubing is an extension. That seems to have fixed the problem.
We have geese here at Davis Lakes. They take over the area at times.Todays picture is the Geese.
With the temperatures in the 90's, we stayed inside with the ac and watched TV.
When we get a lower temperature we will be able to put the Sea Eagle in the Water.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cessna 152

This we morning we arose about 8:30 had a breakfast of eggbeaters and turkey bacon. Yummm.
Temperatures this morning were warm, 80's by 11 am.
Wendy called and invited us to come over and fly with her and Billy. Sylvia put together a banana pudding, I walked the dogs again, Kyle called and we had a nice visit.We finally left the MH around 2pm.
Wendy had a meal ready when we arrived. After lunch we drove over to the airport in Franklin, Va. The cessna is a two seat plane.
Sylvia and Billy flew while Wendy and I visited. Sylvia did fly the plane and enjoyed the ride. When they landed, Sylvia and I traded positions. The plane is easy to fly(with guidance from Billy). We flew for about 30 minutes around the town of Franklin. After landing I helped Billy secure the plane and put the light blockers into the windows.
We returned to there home, had dessert,banana pudding, more visiting. We arrived home at 8pm. Snowflake and Bandit were real glad to see us.
Now it is time for the Chat room.
See-Ya Later

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wash job

Saturday evening: What happened to the Morning post? Well we got up this morning at 8:00. After a breakfast of cereal we decided to wash the Motor Home. Sylvia and I donned bathing suites and washed the complete Motor Home.
OK, Back up, What about the Doctor visit on Friday? Ok Ok. The Doctor looked at the results of the rehab, Reviewed My Meds, Oked my driving the Motor Home. Rehab will be 4 more weeks of three sessions per week. I will see the Doctor again on August 29. The reason is to follow the medication change.
Today after the wash job, we were invited to attend the Birthday Party of the neighbor Robin. Now who can turn down a party. We had a great visit with Fay and Pops, Steven and Robin, Betty and Ed. Steven ran the grill and is a good griller. Cake and ice cream topped off the party.
This evening Sylvia and I went to the grave yard to take a balloon and a note to be released from her Mothers Grave. One month today.
Now we are relaxing and reflecting at home.
Till Later.

Friday, July 18, 2008


We got up this morning at 7:30. Sylvia made me a breakfast of eggbeaters and toast. After showers,returning e-mails, and writing the blog we took the dogs,Bandit and Snowflake, for a long morning walk.
The task today was to drive into Portsmouth, Va to locate the Doctor's office. The office is about 20 miles from the campground. The interstates are under construction here as everywhere but old Tom Tom directed me there. While in town we stopped at the mall. We arrived home and Chilled the remainder of the afternoon.
Dinner was waffles and bacon, of course with maple syrup. After dinner we walked dogs over to the lake to sit in the shade and just enjoy the cool evening.
This morning, Friday, is rehab and a Doctor visit.
See-ya tomorrow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedsday's rehab

We set the alarm this morning for 7 am. Strange! when i w**ked, that was the time to begin w**k. After a shower and breakfast I drove to the Hospital for rehab. The nurse connected me to a mobile monitor, took my blood pressure, then was time to work the machines. The machines are not a challenge now, the nurse says that this will change. We watched a movie on the heart and diseases. Rehab ended at 10 am.
I returned to the MH, chilled,walked the dogs around the ponds and just relaxed.
Sylvia baked a yellow cake, now that will make a great aroma, with white frosting which we both could do without. One piece was delicious.
Dinner was chicken and dumplings. One of Sylvia's great dishes!
The evening was spent sitting outside playing cribbage, which Sylvia won.
Till next time!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sister's Visit

Glenn slept in this morning till 8:00am,aaahh the joys of retirement. Sylvia made a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup. The syrup is from my sister Marilyn and Brother-in-law Pete who live in Ft. Covington,NY. Each year they send me a jug of home made Maple syrup.The gift is greatly enjoyed.
Sylvia's sister Wendy and her daughter Amber called and were in the area.We had a nice visit and lunch. It's always good to have family drop in.
We chilled the remainder of the day.
I grilled burgers for dinner while Sylvia combined onions, squash and potato's. A meal we both enjoy.
The temperatures had cooled down after 6, Sylvia and I sat outside and reflected.
We walked the dogs late in the evening. Refreshing to waslk around the lake (pond) in the cool of the evening.
Till later.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sea Eagle

Today the Sea Eagle arrived here in Davis Lakes Campground. Today is Two weeks after the Heart Attach and stints. We will have to wait until I see the Doctor on Friday to be sure that I am OK to paddle and play in the water.
The weather here in Suffolk, Va has been warm (hot for a New Englander). The rain today cooled the temps. down to normal.Low 80's.
I am enrolled in heart rehab that is planed for 3 sessions a week for six weeks. That will keep me busy till then.
Sylvia has supper ready so I have to set the table.
See U Later