Thursday, July 31, 2008

table repair

Up at normal time this morning(after 8 ). After showers, breakfast, and walking the digs, we went to Aunt Doris's to pick up a dress that Sylvia had purchased threw "Avon". While visiting, Kandy called and asked if we had eaten lunch. We said no and were invited to have lunch with she and Aunt Doris. We lunched at "Ruby Tuesdays". After lunch we stopped at "Sonic" for "mini Banana splits".
We returned to Aunt Dorises. She showed me a table that had a loose leg. I removed the leg and discovered that the "nut" had been stripped. We stopped at "Lowes" and was able to find the proper nut and glue to repair the leg. Tomorrow I will reassemble the table.
Today was a hot and humid day. We spent the remainder of the day chilling in the AC. Heavy rain came at 3:30 with high winds. Temperatures after the rain were down 20 degrees. Nice.
Now is time for bed,
Good nite and see-ya later.

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