Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rehab complete

Friday morning and the usual routine. At rehab, I completed the required four machines, met with a dietitian, and the nurses had a small graduation ceremony. This completes the rehab program here, of course you know that the training must continue. Now next week I have to have a fasting blood work, and the 29th I have a doctor visit. This visit is to check the cholesterol. Then, God willing, we will be free to continue our on the road life.
While I was in rehab, Sylvia was doing laundry and cleaning up the RV.
Today is Tommy's birthday. Kandy is hosting a cookout. We need to bring our meat. We chose steak. Kandy and the girls (Kandy, Shirley, Cecilla, and Virginia) made a garden salad, baked potatoes with cheese and bacon, shrimp, and beans. Jessy cooked the meat on the grill. Desert was banana pudding. One more meal that is not in the diet!
My older sister Margaret called. We had not chatted in about six weeks and we had a lot of gossip to get caught up on. Margaret is the oldest of my sisters. All of my sisters are older than me.
Future plans are to leave Davis Lakes Campground here in Suffolk, Va the 9th of September.Our next stop has not been determined at this time.
Decisions, Decisions.
Today's pictures are of Windy, Sylvia, and their Mother.
Till next time. God Bless all of you.

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Jenny Johnson said...

Glenn I have four sisters and they are all older than me...their ages Ann 61 Mae and Faye (twins) age 58 June age 54 and myself Jenny at a cool age of 24.