Thursday, July 31, 2008

The usual rehab morning, alarm at 7, showers, breakfast, walk the dogs, drop Sylvia off at Aunt Doris, and go to rehab.
Rehab, weigh in, blood pressure, and begin the work out. There are 5 types of machines to work on, I can use any four. This morning I chose to begin with the tread mill. This machine always raises my heart rate and tires me out. By starting here first I had hoped to avoid being so tired at the end. Well, the jury is still out on that one. The next machine was the "arm cycle". Eight minuets at a speed of 75 RPM. Next the air bike. The one that also uses the arms. Eight minuets at a speed of 45 RPM. Last but not least,a leg only bike.
This morning we also watched a movie on loosing eight. The point being was that" diets "do not work. You really have to change your life style and eating habits. The way we have always done it has put us where we are now.
I stopped at Aunt Dorise's and visited before returning to the RV. With temperatures again in the mid 90's, I did not take the boat out as we had planned.
I called "The Spirit of Norfolk", A diner boat,and made reservations for Friday evening dinner. The occasion is our 45th wedding anniversary.
Thats about it for today.

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FD5 said...

Good to see your "having fun" at rehab.

Happy 45th Anniversary Glenn and Sylvia

Stay Safe
John and Bridget