Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smithfield, Va

This morning after breakfast and showers, Sylvia began laundry, while I walked the dogs. Temperatures were 85 at 8:30, another scorcher.
We decided to travel to Smithfield, Va for lunch. Someone in the RV-Dreams chat room had suggested we try the Smithfield Inn.The Inn is an old building built in the 1770's,and is a pub, Diner, and Inn. The interior is colonial, rustic, and beautiful. Sylvia had She-crab soup and a Caesar salad. Glenn had the Crabcake entre. Dessert was white chocolate fritter for Sylvia, Glenn had berry's and cream.The meal was out of this world. We won't discuss the price.Todays picture's are from inside the Inn.
On the way home we stopped to visit with Aunt Doris. We arrived at the Motor home at 5 pm.
This evening the temperatures have fallen to the 80's, I again walked the dogs around one of the lakes(ponds).
Now it's time for the chat room.

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Dee & Jim said...

We'll have to stop in on our way up the coast. We're writing down interesting places close to home. Thanks for the pics. You're doing a great job on the blog.