Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Portsmouth, Va

Today we traveled to Portsmouth, Va. Sylvia was born and raised in Portsmouth, Va. Today is the first time in 20 years that we have been in Portsmouth to spend time and visit the "old home". Other times that we have gone to Portsmouth we have passed threw or have gone to see a family member. Today we roamed the area, visited the schools, Churches, and playgrounds.
We boarded the ferry to Norfolk, Va. The rain started as soon as the ferry left the dock. By the time we reached Norfolk the raid was heavy with high winds. We did not have rain gear and could not stay on the ferry. The 200 yard dash left us very wet.
While in "Water Side" had to dry off in the restrooms. Later, after we had shopped, we returned to Portsmouth via the ferry. A much dryer and more enjoyable ride. By the way,"There is no rain in the forecast". Love the weather person.
Todays pictures are from Sylvia's "home town".
Have a Great Day.
Could not upload the pictures. Will thy latter.

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