Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wash job

Saturday evening: What happened to the Morning post? Well we got up this morning at 8:00. After a breakfast of cereal we decided to wash the Motor Home. Sylvia and I donned bathing suites and washed the complete Motor Home.
OK, Back up, What about the Doctor visit on Friday? Ok Ok. The Doctor looked at the results of the rehab, Reviewed My Meds, Oked my driving the Motor Home. Rehab will be 4 more weeks of three sessions per week. I will see the Doctor again on August 29. The reason is to follow the medication change.
Today after the wash job, we were invited to attend the Birthday Party of the neighbor Robin. Now who can turn down a party. We had a great visit with Fay and Pops, Steven and Robin, Betty and Ed. Steven ran the grill and is a good griller. Cake and ice cream topped off the party.
This evening Sylvia and I went to the grave yard to take a balloon and a note to be released from her Mothers Grave. One month today.
Now we are relaxing and reflecting at home.
Till Later.

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