Friday, July 18, 2008


We got up this morning at 7:30. Sylvia made me a breakfast of eggbeaters and toast. After showers,returning e-mails, and writing the blog we took the dogs,Bandit and Snowflake, for a long morning walk.
The task today was to drive into Portsmouth, Va to locate the Doctor's office. The office is about 20 miles from the campground. The interstates are under construction here as everywhere but old Tom Tom directed me there. While in town we stopped at the mall. We arrived home and Chilled the remainder of the afternoon.
Dinner was waffles and bacon, of course with maple syrup. After dinner we walked dogs over to the lake to sit in the shade and just enjoy the cool evening.
This morning, Friday, is rehab and a Doctor visit.
See-ya tomorrow.

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