Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Rehab

We both rose this morning at 7:00 am. after showers and breakfast, I walked the dogs. The morning walks cover about one mile and take about 35 minuets. We go around the pond near the pavilion.
The rehab sessions times were changed to 8 minuets each machine. There is no walk in the hall between machines. When one machine is completed, I move to the next one.A heart monitor is worn the entire time in rehab. My blood pressure is taken while running the machine, and again at the end of the session after I have rested for 5 minuets. Todays session raised my heart rate to 90 while on the treadmill. I had recovered at the end of the 5 minuet rest. I left rehab tired. There are 10 sessions remaining.
Back home at the RV, Sylvia had cleaned the motorhome. We spent the morning planing our next stop when rehab is completed.
After lunch, I lied down on the bed to watch a movie, two hours later Sylvia woke me up. I did not see the movie.
4 pm I walked the dogs around the larger pond. A camper on a golf cart passed us. As we walked down the road there was an ear of corn lying in the road. I picked up the corn and carried it as we walked. 3/4 of the way around the pond we found the golf cart and returned the corn. This fine camper refused the corn and even added 4 more ears of corn to a bag for me to take home.Back home at the Rv, three ears were given to a neighbor, the others were grilled for dinner.
Remember, the world is full of nice people! So if you can't find one!
What will tomorrow bring?
God Bless Everyone.

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Dee and Jim said...

Looks like you're coming along just fine. It won't be long you'll be on the road like planned.