Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sister's Visit

Glenn slept in this morning till 8:00am,aaahh the joys of retirement. Sylvia made a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup. The syrup is from my sister Marilyn and Brother-in-law Pete who live in Ft. Covington,NY. Each year they send me a jug of home made Maple syrup.The gift is greatly enjoyed.
Sylvia's sister Wendy and her daughter Amber called and were in the area.We had a nice visit and lunch. It's always good to have family drop in.
We chilled the remainder of the day.
I grilled burgers for dinner while Sylvia combined onions, squash and potato's. A meal we both enjoy.
The temperatures had cooled down after 6, Sylvia and I sat outside and reflected.
We walked the dogs late in the evening. Refreshing to waslk around the lake (pond) in the cool of the evening.
Till later.

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