Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heat and rain

Up this morning at 6:45. After breakfast and walking the dogs it was time for Rehab. This morning the times are still 7 minuets but the effort is increased. This is all part of the plan. The tread mill, bicycle, full body workout, and upper body workout did raise the heart rate and I actually broke a sweat. The resting blood pressure has remained 100/60. The nurse said "This is good".
Home at the RV, Sylvia was doing Laundry, cle,aning the floors, and all that good stuff. The temperatures were 95 at 10 am. Ssooo again today too hot to play outside with the boat.
The rain arrived at 2 pm. A gust of wind rocked the RV and the awning retracted. Just love those automatic things. Thunder storms and high winds were in order for the remainder of the day. Todays rain promises to bring cooler temperatures. Maybe tomorrow for the boat.
This evening the rain remains.
Todays pictures are of the Motor home.

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