Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cessna 152

This we morning we arose about 8:30 had a breakfast of eggbeaters and turkey bacon. Yummm.
Temperatures this morning were warm, 80's by 11 am.
Wendy called and invited us to come over and fly with her and Billy. Sylvia put together a banana pudding, I walked the dogs again, Kyle called and we had a nice visit.We finally left the MH around 2pm.
Wendy had a meal ready when we arrived. After lunch we drove over to the airport in Franklin, Va. The cessna is a two seat plane.
Sylvia and Billy flew while Wendy and I visited. Sylvia did fly the plane and enjoyed the ride. When they landed, Sylvia and I traded positions. The plane is easy to fly(with guidance from Billy). We flew for about 30 minutes around the town of Franklin. After landing I helped Billy secure the plane and put the light blockers into the windows.
We returned to there home, had dessert,banana pudding, more visiting. We arrived home at 8pm. Snowflake and Bandit were real glad to see us.
Now it is time for the Chat room.
See-Ya Later

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