Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedsday's rehab

We set the alarm this morning for 7 am. Strange! when i w**ked, that was the time to begin w**k. After a shower and breakfast I drove to the Hospital for rehab. The nurse connected me to a mobile monitor, took my blood pressure, then was time to work the machines. The machines are not a challenge now, the nurse says that this will change. We watched a movie on the heart and diseases. Rehab ended at 10 am.
I returned to the MH, chilled,walked the dogs around the ponds and just relaxed.
Sylvia baked a yellow cake, now that will make a great aroma, with white frosting which we both could do without. One piece was delicious.
Dinner was chicken and dumplings. One of Sylvia's great dishes!
The evening was spent sitting outside playing cribbage, which Sylvia won.
Till next time!

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