Monday, July 21, 2008


We got up this morning before the alarm. After showers, breakfast, and walking the two dogs, I drove to the hospital for rehab.
Today the time on the machines was increased to 7 minuets and the forces were increased. This raised the heart rate. The blood pressure remained normal while exercising. This rehab will strengthen the heart after all.
Returning to the home on wheels, Sylvia was washing clothes. The temperatures were now 90's and the outside clothes dryer worked great.
After lunch we went to Walmart to pick up milk. Then to Lowes for tubing to fix the refrigerator. The drip tray leaks back into the frig. The tubing is an extension. That seems to have fixed the problem.
We have geese here at Davis Lakes. They take over the area at times.Todays picture is the Geese.
With the temperatures in the 90's, we stayed inside with the ac and watched TV.
When we get a lower temperature we will be able to put the Sea Eagle in the Water.

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