Friday, September 5, 2008

Wet Friday 9-05-08

Thursday morning and we are up at 8 am. With the usual routine and we remove all unnecessary "stuff" from outside. There was not a lot but it sure can move with the wind. "Hanna" is forecast to be here Saturday about 2 pm. This of course depends upon the "track".

About 2 pm we called Aunt Doris to see if she would be home and we could Visit. We drove over to the house and had a great chat. Around 4:30 as we got up to return to the RV, Aunt Doris informed us that "She" had "Supper" all prepared and we had to sit and eat with her. Well, not being one to turn down a free meal, we had a beautiful meal of roast beef, ham, potatoes, cabbage, and corn on the cob. Sylvia drove to the market to pick up pies and ice cream. What a feast! Emily and Jim stopped by about 6:30 and we visited with them till about 9:30.

Friday morning and I have a doctor appointment at 8:45 in Portsmouth, Va. Sylvia made eggs and grits for breakfast. Yumm Yumm. We set up TomTom and left the RV at 8 am. Traffic was light and we arrived on time. The doctor visit was routine. The Lisinopril was changed to a greater dose. Doctor Maniu asked where we were headed and when we would be back in the area. Our long range plans are to be in this area in the spring of 2009. He said great, call the week before we arrive and make an appointment so as not to interfere with our travels.

We drove to the "City Park" cemetery in Portsmouth, Va to visit the grave of Sylvia's Grandmother. Finding the cemetery was a challenge, the last time we were there someone else drove who lived in the area. After asking directions we did find the graveyard. We stopped at the "office" and were directed to the grave.

Upon leaving Portsmouth we decided to go to Smithfield, Va to have lunch. TomTom was able to direct us . We had lunch in the "The Depot" restaurant. This place is at the "Marina" in Smithfield.The food was great and the dessert was "Sinful".

We returned to the RV at 2 pm with the rain. The rain is light now but this is only the beginning of the effects of "Hanna". Hanna is expected to be here at 2 pm Saturday. Weatherman now say that the winds may be 39 miles per hour or less.

Till tomorrow.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Please keep us posted, Glenn, and come in the chatroom to tell us that you are OK.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Jim and Dee said...

Hanna just left us and on the way to you, shouldn't be there long, it's fast moving. Keep us posted!