Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday 9-29-08

We are up at 5:15 this morning. The usual routine then I walked to the paint shop to see the foreman. He was shuffling papers and handing out jobs to the workers. He asked me what my shop invcoice number was. When I said 016 he said bring it in here, pointing to bay 19. The normal routine was for them to call me the night before and tell me the bay to be in at 7 am. The damaged rear cap is repaired, and the paint looks good.
Tomorrow we are to be in bay 3 to have the entry door adjusted. The "King Dome" was acting up Saturday and Sunday. The Directv guy came today and of course everything worked just fine. Will have them look at "king dome" tomorrow while in the bay.
This will complete our repairs and we will be "On The Road Again". Our exact time and destination are unknown today. We may go to Decatur for a couple of days to visit with Lana and Amanada.
The pictures are of Glenn Jr's home in Madison, Al

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