Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday 9-07--8

Sunday morning, we are up at 7:45, and do the morning routine. Showers, Breakfast, and walk the dogs. We attended church with the family.

Virginia and Dick asked us to lunch, they drove. Dick drove to Portsmouth to "Lillians Buffet". The choices were many and the Food was good. We stopped at the mall to pickup some flowers for "Mom's" grave. Dick drove by a house that he had had built about 10 years ago. The current owner was working in the yard and invited us in to see the place. The house was grand and nicely furnished.

We returned home,walked the dogs, and drove to the grave yard and planted the flowers on Moms grave. We stopped at "Sonic" and had a mini banana split.

This evening there was an engine idling for a long time. I walked over to see if there was a problem. I found a Motor home with a Dolly and a car that had driven over the stops. We, the owner, two other campers, and I, jacked and blocked the car up and was able to set the car properly upon the dolly. The dolly is new but there are no large stops to prevent driving the car to far forward. There is no damage to the car or dolly so the owner will be able to leave tomorrow. I am pleased that I was advised to tow my car 4 wheels down.

That's all the excitement for today. Have a blessed week.
Today's picture is Portsmouth skyline.

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