Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday 9-28-08

It's been a couple of days from my last post. Friday I checked with the paint shop foreman and asked about our paint repair. He looked at the list and said that we were next up to enter the shop but that would not be today. Sylvia did the wash, and we both cleaned the coach. About 4 pm we called Glenn Jr to check up on his health as he had his mouth operated on today. He said that he was fine and the operation was less painful than he had been led to believe. That was a blessing.
We have been having trouble with the Wi-Fi card in Sylvia's computer. Asked Glenn Jr if he would be home and have time to look at the problem. He said that he would and asked us to visit on Saturday.
Saturday we left the campground and drove the 90 miles to Madison, Al. When we arrived Glenn Jr was unloading an engine from the bed of the truck. I helped him unload the engine, attach the oil pan, and place it on a wood engine stand. The second engine was also removed from the truck and placed on a stand. With this job accomplished we returned the hoist and cleaned up. Now on to the computer problem. The problem with the computer was the switch settings. The switches were set in manual and should have been automatic. Easy when you know what you are doing.
While we worked on the computers the Girls, Sylvia and Lana,went shopping. When they returned we visited and played with the dogs in the back yard. We decided to go out for Mexican food for dinner.we returned to the house about 6 pm and we returned to the campground in Red Bay, Al.
Sunday we got up late,8 am. Sylvia baked rolls with frosting. Yuuummm. this evening we hosted the Halls at dinner. Dortha made a blackberry cobbler. Sylvia put together a great steak dinner. This was topped off by great conversation. This fine couple are leaving here tomorrow to continue with their life after Red Bay. The time here in Red Bay has been very enjoyable with the friends we have met while here. Ellie and Jim and Mark and Dortha have been such a joy to Sylvia and I. They will be missed.
We expect to meet them in Tenn in 2 weeks, good Lord willing.
We had such an interesting visit that we did not take pictures.
Till Later.

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