Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Sunday was a very nice day. The temperature's were cool for here, high 80's and a brief shower. We found out that the pavilion had not been unlocked and we could not see the "security guard" who is always riding the golf cart. Jim, our neighbor, said that he knew where he lived and would go there with us to get the keys. Just a communication problem.

We got the chillers turned on and the food inside. About 25 campers and family attended the "lunch". Makinna, a 2 year old, stole the show. She and her parents are campers here in Davis Lakes Campground. Makinna went to Kandy and spent most of the afternoon talking to Kandy as a little chatterbox can do. The two were a great site. The crowd broke up around 6 pm. We cleaned up and returned the keys.

Monday morning we were up at 8 am, with the usual routine. Kandy, Virgina, Aunt Doris, and Sylvia went shopping. they returned at 3 pm. Sylvia says that they had a great time.

Wendy came over to copy pictures from our computers. These are pictures of their Mom. We had a very good visit and the pictures were transferred to her thumb drive.

Jim came over and asked if I would help him cut some plastic lattice. When I got there I found that he did not have the proper saw. I brought out my jig saw and cut the lattice for him. While there I also made a door for his Dog cage.

This evening we went out for pizza at "Sal's". We had "meat lovers" pizza. We returned to the RV, walked the dogs, visited with neighbors, and now its time for bed.

God Bless You and good night.

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