Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maybe "Hanna"

Tuesday was a routine day, other than going to Walmart, the day was a dull day. While in Walmart Sylvia's arm began to swell. I took her to the Emergency Room then went home to put the groceries away. I picked up her medical records and returned to the hospital. They had a x-ray of the area to look for damaged bones or a sprain. Doctor Munter came in the room and asked if Sylvia had hit anything with her arm while in Walmart. The damage was a bruise. The fix was to apply ice and add a splint to reduce pain.

We stopped at House of Pancakes for dinner on the way home.

Wednesday, Bandit woke me up at 6:55, I got up dressed and walked the dogs. We cleaned up the Motor home, With 2 white dogs that always needs to be done.

Steve stopped by and asked if I would help him get his generator running, the choke was not operating properly. I suggested to Steve that he run the generator at least 1/2 hours monthly.

After lunch I had a nap, then wandered next door to visit with the neighbors. Jo and Frank wandered over and informed us that they were leaving Thursday instead of Saturday because they were afraid of the Hurricane. "Hanna" is forecast to be in the tidewater area Saturday. I have a doctor appointment for
Friday morning. We may leave after the doctor visit, depending upon the forecast.

That's it from here.
See-Ya later.

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