Monday, September 22, 2008

Huntsville, Al

Saturday, Red Bay, Al. Sylvia and I went to the "Founders Day" here at Red Bay. This was held on the "Town Common". The affair advertised the commerce of the town and the crafts of various citizens. We had lunch at "Swamp John's". They had a mobile lunch truck there and had a good selection for lunch.

Lana called with a family problem that required her presence in KY. We offered to go to Huntsville and take care of the dogs while she and Amanda are away. We drove to Huntsville with only the car as the coach needs paint work before leaving Red Bay. We arrived here in Huntsville about 5:30. We expect to be here till Tuesday evening then return to Red Bay and the coach.

We have a house full of pets! Our two dogs and two birds, Lana has three dogs and two cats. After a greeting and sorting out which dog is top, the days have been interesting to say the least.
We have pictures but the cable needed is in the coach in Red Bay, so no pictures now.
Till Wednesday.

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