Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday- repairs

Wednesday morning we are up at 5:15 for another 7 am appointment in bay 3.This early morning stuff is not good. Today they are to install the new floor, repair/replace the radio, remove the start up noise in the front AC, and install the day night shade. All this was completed by 3:30 and we will be in bay 1 tomorrow.

Thursday, up at 5:15 and at bay 1 by 7 am. Today they install the surge suppressor and check out the "King Dome".We have not been able to get TV sence we arrived here in Red Bay. This morning at 6 am the king dome worked and we have TV. Must have scarred the thing.

Sylvia and I drove to "Swamp Johns" for breakfast. This is a "restaurant" in an old gas station about 4 miles from the campground. Not much to look at BUT the food is good, the servers are friendly, and the prices are low. While we were eating, Ellie and Jim with Mark and Dortha came in and joined us for breakfast. Sylvia and I returned to Red Bay to oversee the repair and Ellie and company toured the area.

The work remaining to be complete is the paint. We do not have an appointment for tomorrow. I will check with the scheduler about our next appointment. The good thing about this is as long as we are here for warranty work, the campground is FREE.

What will tomorrow bring?
See-Ya then.

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