Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday 9-9-08

Monday,was a goof off day. We drove into Walmart to fill a prescription, then I got a haircut. We ordered the headstone for Sylvia's Mom, it will be installed in about 60 to 90 days.

Our dinner plans fell apart so we went out to "Baron's". Later Wendy propped off a CD with pictures. We sat outside with Fay and Jim till 8:30.

Tuesday after breakfast etc.,Sylvia started a wash and I helped Steven and Robin hook up the car carrier and load the car. They are on the way to Florida as Steven has a job offer there. We wish them well on there adventure.

We drove to the doctor's office to pick up my records. The doctor suggested that I carry them with me as I travel. On the way home we stopped by Walmart to pick up the prescriptions.

This is our last day here at Davis Lakes Campground. Tomorrow is pack up, get fuel and go to the scales for weighing. The next stop is scheduled to be Greensboro, NC.

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