Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home again

Wednesday, we had breakfast,let the dogs into the back yard, and started a wash. The 5 dogs and 2 cats can be entertaining. The dogs chased the toys around the back yard. This morning the cat fell into the bath tub while it was being filled. Cat walked around the bathroom shaking each paw separately. Funny but we had to clean up the water.
Lana came home with Amanda. They had been in Kentucky on a family matter. She had a great trip, uneventful,just the way we like it. We visited with Lana and Amanda and gathered our stuff to return to our home on wheels. We arrived in Red Bay just after 4 pm. We drove to "Swamp John's" for dinner, came home and Sylvia and I played "cribbage" till dark. Sure is nice to be"home again".

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