Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday and Doctor

This morning we are up early, 6:30. Yea, I know but it's early for us. We had to be at the Doctor's office at 9 am. The good news is that the Doctor wants Sylvia to have a MRI. This may show him the changes from the MRI of last Summer.
Sylvia seems to be in less pain, meaning she can walk upright. The temperatures today are in the 60's, Glenn discovered a wheel chair in the Club house, he asked Gary, the park manager, if Sylvia could use it. Gary said" That's why it's there". Glenn brought the wheel chair to the RV and Sylvia, Bandit, and Snowflake went on a walk with Glenn.
We returned the dogs to the RV, Glenn and Sylvia went to the Clubhouse to listed to the musicians. we stayed for the 4 o'clock meeting and returned to the RV at 4:45.
The Tuesday meal is served at 5:45. We returned to the clubhouse and had supper with about 90 other campers. We hung around and shot the "bull", returning to the RV at 8pm.
Doug & JoAnn, Blog http://www.mytripjournal.com/ourdream, are coming to "Rainbow Plantation" tomorrow. Gerri & Mike,and Sylvia and I will get to meet them. Glenn has followed their blog for about 3 years.
Glenn will try to take pictures.
Till later.

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