Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9,2010

This morning the temperatures were in the teens, the park piping was frozen. I poured warm water on the pipe and the water flowed. We have a storage tank in the motor home for fresh water, the park pipes being frozen does not affect us until we need to fill the tank. Today's temperatures did rise to 35 degrees, We refilled out fresh water tank.
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From 12-13-09 After rain

Sylvia seems to get a little better but the pain is still strong. She is resting either on the couch or in bed. She cannot sit in a chair. We may have to get a "Saddle Block" if that is required.

Today was laundry day. Filling the water tank and doing the laundry took up most of the day. Yesterday the water was off in the park, they had a main break, so the laundry was busy today.

Tonight the forecast is for temperatures in the teens again. So far we have been warm, we use a lot of propane and electricity but that's better than being cold.
Till later.

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