Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6-10

In the morning Glenn checked the LP gas and discovered that the tank was very low. We packed up and unhooked. Sylvia was still in a lot of pain and could not sit in the chairs. She was able to recline on the couch while we drove the 7 miles to the Propane store in Robertsdale, AL. The trip was without problems and we were hooked up again by about 11:30.
Yesterday afternoon Sylvia went to therapy for her back and hip. After therapy, her pain in the hip was less. She is still in pain, now she can walk upright.
Glenn attended the ham supper at the clubhouse. The meal was excellent. There were about 75 RVers at the meal. He did bring Sylvia a plate, including dessert.
The weather has been cold. Night time temperatures have been in the teen's and low twenty's. Day time temperatures have been in the 40's. The forecast for the next 10 days are for more of the same.
Today's schedule includes another therapy session. The medicine seems to be working and Sylvia can sleep part of the night now.
Till later!

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