Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday 1-12-10

Today the weather is warmer, high's in the 50's. Today was also wash day. After lunch we drove to Therapy. Today the put Sylvia on the tension machine, for the first time since Christmas she has been able to walk upright.
We drove to Walmart, picked up medicine, and returned to the RV. Sylvia was feeling better, we attended the dinner at the clubhouse. This is the first campground function Sylvia has attended since Christmas. We had a great time visiting with our neighbors. The chairs in the clubhouse are metal and hurt Sylvia's back. Glenn carried out canvas chairs for her to sit in. Sylvia was able to stay in the clubhouse for about 1 hour before her back began hurting. We returned to the RV where she was able to lye down and relax.
Tomorrow's weather is for 55 degrees and sunshine. We can hardly wait.
Till later.

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