Thursday, January 28, 2010

doug & JoAnn visit.

Wednesday Doug and JoAnn arrived in "Rainbow Plantation" for a "Eyeball" visit. Glenn saw the Montana come down the park road, waited for them to get set up, them walked over with the two dogs to say "Hello" and invite them to our RV. When they had completed the set up, they come over and we had a nice visit.
Gerri, Mike, Doug, JoAnn, Sylvia, and I had a sea food dinner at "Big Daddy's Grill".
From 128-10

Pictures on the wall.
From 128-10

The meal was good and we visited a while. We returned to our RV where we had Apple pie. Sure was great to meet Doug and JoAnn, Glenn has been reading their Blog for the last 2 to 3 years. Their blog is
Doug and JoAnn continued on their journey Thursday morning. Thank you for taking the time to stop to see us. We will see you again "Down the Road".
This morning Glenn washed the clothes, cleaned the RV, then relaxed. Tonight is the meal in the "Club House", that is always a good time.
Sylvia's back seems a little better, we are waiting for the insurance to approve the MRI.
Till later.

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