Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31 10

This morning the weather is cold. Temperatures at 44 degrees. I walked the dogs early as Bandit came to me while I was drinking my coffee. We did our usual walk to the dumpster and back behind the trees then return to the RV. The sun is out, but is taking a while to warm up.
Glenn worked on the "WII" for the 30 minuet workout. Balance, Yoga. and stretches.
Sylvia's back is a sometimes thing. Today she is able to sit up and enjoy being in the Living area just like a normal person. We had dinner at "O'Charleys" in Foley, AL. They have a "Two for 14.94" deal. The meals are great.
Sylvia was able to join me at the "Ice Cream Social" in the clubhouse. That was a great time with 86 campers having ice cream.They divide each gallon into ten servings.
Tomorrow is the "MRI" in Gulf Shores. We are going to that one because the machine is open versus a closed tube. Sure hope they can find the problem.

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